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Wednesday, 12 October 2005

too busy, i got myself..

Today was the Societies and Clubs of IMU's recruitment drive. Something like, the reps from each society/club sit at the tables at the atrium, you go to them, you put down your name if you wanna join. There's quite a lot of clubs to join, and most of them sounds interesting. As usual, this over-enthusiastic boy here got excited over everything. And an hour later, i realised i signed up for too many clubs that i won't even have time to sleep anymore if i decided to go for every activity. Whoa..that's a big sacrifice =P

Movie & Music, Chinese Chess, Chinese Martial Arts Club, Basketball, Volleyball, Tennis, Helen Keller's Society (something related to the deaf and dumb), Choir, Dance Club. 9 clubs. Didn't see the SPCA there tho..that'll make my 10th club. O.o . Was tempted to join the Adventure Club (which only has 2 new forget bout it), Chinese Society (my chinese forget bout that too), Dharma Society (looks pretty boring to scrap that), Campus Friends (too many clubs..can't handle this one), Amigoo Club (no more..i need to sleep..) and Badminton (training on Sat? goodbye..).

Damn..i thought i came to IMU to study medicine. Now it looks more like i'm trying to enjoy myself instead of studying. Oh yeah and there's already a clash of activities' times..volleyball or sign language class? Wait..have to study first. Haven't even finish half of what i need to cover..damn. 11 days to Summative... garrgghh.. Get my priorities straight.. get my priorities straight..

Oh btw yesterday's my big bro's birthday! Happy..erm..21st birthday!! So fast..old liao lor..haha. Cheers to you, koko..stay happy always! Bought only one piece of cake from Secret Recipe as his birthday present coz my funds running dry..again. It's the thought that matters anyway, right? =P. Thanks to Chow for driving me to Secret Recipe even tho he looks like he's gonna fall asleep behind the wheel anytime =)

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