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Saturday, 15 October 2005

med students have no life?

Some people thinks med students have to eat books to survive. Some people thinks med students' lives revolve around studying. Some people thinks med students don't even have a life.

Well, that's what i thought, like, a few years ago anyway. Coz people always say that medicine is the hardest course to take. That when you sign up for Medicine, you already signed the i'm-ready-to-give-up-my-life contract.

Only 8 weeks in, i'm already feeling the pressure on med students. Or rather, the pressure med students put on themselves. Some of my batchmates already started growing roots in the library. Reading thru lecture notes for the 278th time, referring to textbooks after textbooks after textbooks, adding essays to their already crammed notes. All this just because our first summatives is in 8 days. Scary.

Sadly, i don't belong to that group at all. Or maybe it's luckily i'm still holding onto my sanity =P. Either way, i won't be having a great time on the 24th if i continue doing what i'm doing. Studying an hour a day, playing 3 hours a day, rotting away doing nothing for the rest of the day. That's not what a med student should do, right?

At least i'm happy with my life at the moment. Two days of badminton, two days of basketball last week. Nothing can make a better week =). Yeah, i love badminton and basketball.. they're my first two loves =P.

So three weeks behind schedule, only half of my studies done, a week plus to redeem myself as a med student. Time to start spending more time with Sem 1 students' common wife, Meriab (the textbook i mean.. not the author). Yeah, i'm giving up my life for the next week.. because i'm a med student =P

Extra note: Two new bloggies were born.. say hello to my fellow med peepz Chia Huan and Chui Han! =)

Extra unwanted note: Finally found out my new favourite song's name.. My Chemical Romance - Helena! =)

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