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Friday, 7 October 2005

happy days..

a ball to call my own
Yup, i finally have my own ball. One i can proudly say i possess. One i can freely use anytime i want =). I bought my first basketball! (THOSE come free..and yes, i have them =P). Haha..ok i sound like a child opening his Christmas present or something, but seriously, i've never had my own basketball before. Maybe i just don't play basketball much before this =/. That's gonna change ;)

Got it for 34 bucks (ouch..) from Carrefour yesterday, and right after we got home we rushed to the IMU basketball court to play. Around 8 of us (excluding the 'cheerleaders' =P), playing basketball at 10pm. Not long after we started the Sem3 library furniture joined (coz the library closes edi), and it became Sem1 against Sem3. I don't know which side won, but it doesn't matter anyway. We had fun, and it's been a really long time since basketball standards were so low haha..

The Sem3 left after an hour, then we played 3on3 till 12am. We wouldn't have stopped playing if there's no classes tomorrow...which start at 8pm O.o . Another sleep-deprived day for me..

choir club's apparently 'best' performance
Yeah, another performance by the choir club, this time for the IMU Art Competition. Sang 'Eyes on Me' and 'I'm Cow' on stage. Halfway singing i realised my palms were sweating so much ^^. Think we did alright, though i can't say it's an award-winning performance =P. YK said it was the best performance by the choir club O.o . Apparently they screwed up the IMU song last year ^^". We broke the record for number of members too hehe. Congrats to Hong Lim, our new Choir Club's president! (argh..forgot what's that VP pharmacy student's name again...)

Happy birthday to Mommy =)
HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MAMA! It's her birthday today, and i felt bad not getting anything for her...again. Me so unfillial son. But then it's never been a tradition in my family to buy birthday presents anyway, strange as it may seem. I hope she's satisfied with only birthday wishes over the phone =P. Me loves you lots mama! Stay healthy and happy! =)

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