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Sunday, 2 October 2005

this weekend..

The weekend didn't go exactly as i planned, but then again, when did anything go exactly the way i planned ..

Friday, 2 days ago, Karanbir made an announcement that shut everyone and everything up (in my head la =P). Something about SPCA Club of IMU asking for 20+ volunteers (fat hope..) for the Pets Fair at the Mines Exhibition Hall. The moment i heard that announcement, something stirred in me. I knew i couldn't stop myself from signing up for that. Even tho every cell in my body's begging me to keep my weekend free (i've been getting less than 7 hours of sleep for the whole week..5 hours short of what i need =P). Even tho i didn't know what we're supposed to do...even after the whole thing's over ^^"

And so i woke up at 7.30am on a SATURDAY. O.o Yeah, i couldn't believe i did that too. haha.. Of those who signed up (i swear there's at least 4..), only me and Chee Mei turned up yesterday morning. Jenny drove us to the place, and after standing around the ticket counter for half an hour waiting for tickets to fall from the sky, we finally got into the hall.

And then there were dogs. Lots of them. Big dogs, small dogs, fat dogs, skinny dogs. Everywhere. German shepherds, chihuahuas, poodles, you name it, it's there. I've never been to a pet fair before, so it's really interesting...for the first half an hour.

An SPCA member greeted us and brought us to the SPCA stall, briefed on what we're supposed to know, and left me and Chee Mei there.
List of what we're supposed to do (not according to order in priority):
1. Get the visitors to sign the petition (you know, the one we signed before..something bout raising the penalty for cruelty to animals by 50 times..or was it 500 times..)
2. Sell the SPCA clothes
3. Answer any question the visitors might ask (wtf.. we weren't even SPCA members)

List of what we did:
1. Sit
2. Stay

So as you can see..we didn't really do anything. The 'real' SPCA members came back after bout an hour, taking over me and Chee Mei's work (that we didn't do anyway). For the next 4 hours, we poked and poked and poked the puppies in the cages at the stall next to ours till all the puppies got bored of our pokings and fell asleep (even when we kept on poking ^^"). Haha..we also walked around the hall.. nothing much actually, besides the 'obstacle course' and fashion parade, there's nothing much to see..

Our last hour got us a bit more active. 3 dogs were brought from the shelter for some 'obedience' performance - to show that even non-pedigree dogs can be trained to be obedient. After their performances they were free to roam around.. as far as their leashes allow them to. Me and Chee Mei were given the job to hold the leashes, which was haha =P. Mine was called Doggie..and she has one hell of a story to tell..

After Doggie gave birth to a litter of puppies (which the previous owner didn't want), she was locked up in a room while the puppies are abandoned at a construction site nearby. Everyday, she was only allowed out once to do her business, eat, etc. And everyday she ran over to her puppies to nurse them. And each time she came back from her puppies, the owner would beat her up. Then lock her up till the next day.

This went on for about a month until SPCA was informed about it by some neighbours. And after some persuasion the owner gave up Doggie to SPCA. (why the hell keep a dog in the first place if you aren't gonna care for it??)

Some people can be so cruel sometimes. What the hell did the dog do that it deserves such treatment. Sigh.. Anyway, we went back to Vista at 4pm, and i fell asleep on the new couch after dinner. Forgot to take my contacts off. Hope there's no side effects for that =/

Sunday, woke up at 1pm, wanted to study, but ended up playing computer the whole day. Sigh.. i gotta find my motivation soon...

PS - we found out something interesting at the Pets Fair.. there's a dog breed called Chow Chow! Lol..

Me and Chee Mei agreed that it looked like Chow a lot, doesn't it? haha =P

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