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Wednesday, 5 October 2005

The end of IMU Cup...on a happy note?

Yesterday was IMU Cup closing ceremony. After bout a month of rigorous, sleep-depriving training and matches, life finally gonna revert back to hugging books and lecture notes to sleep for us students of IMU. The past month had been nothing but fun, with every batch trying their best, every player giving their best. I wanted to go and support our batch's teams in every game, but somehow i found countless reasons to go against that. I'm too tired la...not free la...dunno how to go there la...Maybe i'm just plain lazy sigh.. =P

Before the closing ceremony was the cheerleading competition. I can't find any superlatives to describe it, so let's just say i would kill myself if i missed it haha ;). Yeah, it was THAT mind-blowing. Started off at bout 8pm, with Sem2 showing off their moves first. I actually thought they were great, but for one reason or another, somehow they got last =/. Then it's Pharmacy's turn. All girls team. Enough said =P. Haha...seriously, Pharmacy's team gave a really awesome performance..they even throw girls up in the air (without any guys' help!). And their coordination was just superb.. Sem4 came next, then Sem3. I guess everyone noticed.. there's so much feet-stomping and hand-clapping to make 'music'. Haha...maybe YP was right...everyone's suffering from post-Stomp withdrawal syndrome (damnit..i missed Stomp =( .. )

After that it's our batch's turn. Frankly, i thought our team's performance would look inferior compared to the others, but i guess i should've never doubt them. Why do i have so little confidence in our own team? *slaps myself*. It was the most entertaining performance, i gotta say haha. Love the 'Thriller' and 'Lady Marmalade' funny haha. And i didn't even know our batchmates on the first floor were joining in the moves (they twitched their heads to the left, in rhythm with our cheerleading team ^^ - that was part of the 'Thriller' part). Guess the judges were impressed, eh? We got fourth place! Congrats ppl! =) hehe...i'd love to join cheerleading next seems so much fun. That is, if my fractured wrist fully healed by then...

And last but definitely not least..Sem5 cheerleading squad. I've seen them practicing in the Atrium, and i was really impressed then. Now, watching them performing the full routine right in front of me, my opinions remain unchanged. Complete with chairs, they were nothing short of perfect. Ok, there was a few mistakes here and there haha =P..but that doesn't prevent them from clinching the first place. Congrats to the M203 squad! Guess our team has a lot to learn..i like the way Sem5's performance never stop (unlike ours, so many breaks in between ^^"). Pharmacy came second, Sem3 third. A really close fight, surely..

The final results of IMU Cup - M204 edged M203 by 2 points to claim the Cup. And us M205 'pau' the last place haha =P. Of all the sports, we bagged golds for guys' basketball and international chess only =/. Ah well, there's always next year...and next year, we'll grab the Cup from M204..even if that means prying it from their dead, cold fingers muhahahaha (*evil laughter*).. =P

On a different note, i read bout some conflicts here and there during the IMU Cup. Claims that Sem5 were cheating. That referees were biased. Some say it was because of the 'legacy' left by the previous Sem5s. Apparently, this year's IMU Cup was supposed to be the first 'clean' one. The previous IMU Cups had been rigged and dominated by Sem5s, and needless to say, Sem5 always win the IMU Cup. As organisers, Sem5 had total control over the competition. More points were allocated to sports that they were good at. Sports that they suck at were dropped. Referees were always on their side. That's what i heard anyway.

Well, if i haven't heard or read bout those stuff, i'd never knew IMU Cup was never a fair competition before this. Which, i guess i've to give credit to the current Sem5, M203, who tried to make it as fair as possible to everyone. To any M203-ian reading this, you all did a great job really. I don't think us Sem1 would realize bout IMU Cup's 'legacy' if no one mentioned it. That means you all succeeded in starting a new legacy of fair play ;). Thanks for working so hard hehe.. more IMU Cup, nothing much to look forward to now, except exams and more exams..till next year's IMU Cup. Gotta increase my pace to catch up on my studies, there's so much i left behind..and our first Summative is in 3 weeks time!! Arrgghh.. *scrambles off to grab the closest lecture note to cram into my head*

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