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Friday, 11 November 2005

Post-holidays pre-summatives blues..

It's been a week. A week since my family went back, and everyone else came back. A week since lectures start, and i start taking naps in the auditorium again. And ever since then it's been raining, every single day. Sort of suits my mood for the past week..

Rains. Always welcomed them, especially when i'm in bed with a thick blanket. It does make me feel a little bit gloomy sometimes. But hey, you gotta admit it, feeling happy everyday does get tiring too. There are days like these when i rather be feeling a little down. When i don't want to do anything else but snuggle in my bed and not care bout a thing in the world.

Yeah.. did nothing i had these past few days. Getting lethargic since holidays ended.. don't even get the urge to go down and play basketball anymore. Every day juz can't wait for the lectures to end so that i can go home and rot. Nothing much to look forward to either.. and i don't want to get my Summative 1 results..

And i seem to develop some kind of allergic reaction to Meriab.. a mere touch of that damned book puts me into a coma for 4 hours straight. Only, like, 6 weeks to Summative 2. I'll have to try to study again this weekend.. Gotta.. resist.. it... zzzzz.....

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