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Sunday, 27 November 2005

To be a friend ..

Heh.. i'm blogging less and less now. Back in college days i used to blog daily sometimes. Well, back then we had so much free time. Too much, in fact =P. And we spent all those free time going to 'mamak' and 'Home' (the cybercafe we used to patron so very much). Sigh.. the good old days..

3 months. And i'm surprised i still didn't know some of my batchmates existed until recently. Ok, it's more like ashamed of myself, i admit. But it does get me wondering.. am i being ignorant? I've been sitting with them in the same lecture hall for 3 months now and i don't even know their names and how they look like?

But then again, i'm not the only one guilty of being an arrogant, ignorant bastard =P. Everyone in my batch didn't know someone from my batch is from our batch. If that make any sense at all haha. Anyway, since i posted that i gonna be a friend to everyone in my batch before i die (read the previous post), i've been trying really hard to get to know those batchmates i never knew i had. So far so good anyway, but i can already see it's not gonna be easy..

First off, friends don't just pop out overnight. And they tend to disappear when you're not looking. That's why you can't be friends to everyone i guess. Each of them expect some attention from you, and you gotta start cloning yourself if you ever hope to give each of them enough attention. Much like when i wanted to play basketball, and there's too many players around. If i called everyone out, most of them won't be able to play much, and not be happy bout it. If i don't call certain people out, they won't be happy either.. Ok, sorry for the bad analogy, but at least you guys know the dilemma i had when i'm sending the call-out for basketball now =P. Anyway, you get my drift, doncha?

Sigh .. i know, the least i could do is try. Then i realise something else. I had this problem of thinking every person i haven't know yet doesn't have a good impression of me. I know how it came about (i studied psychology ok.. don't play play =P), but i won't blog about it right now, maybe some other time. Don't know why i'm still having this feeling now. I'm human after all, i guess.

And then the problem of me being pre-judgmental. I tend to judge people even before i know them, through their behaviour that i observed. I know, doctors shouldn't be judgmental. Nobody deserved to be judged before even being given the chance. And know what, i'm glad i was proven wrong in my pre-judgment a couple of times now. Yeah, i tend to be rather negative in my pre-judgment. Glad IMU's full of such great, friendly people =).

Think i blogged too much again hehe. Well, this would make up for the past week that i didn't blog, and for next week that i might not be blogging too =P. And just when i thought there'll be no more surprises any time soon after Chui Han's birthday, lo and behold, Jem aka Jembo aka Jemboree aka Jemmy aka Alejandro(?) started a blog! O.o haha.. all rite, i think i should welcome you to the family, huh? Keep yours alive ok.. it's now your responsibility to look after your blog =P. Hmm.. the list on the left is getting longer and longer now.. (in case you hadn't notice, i've added Li Shan's, Jia Lin's and Keat How's blogs without their permission - ok, yeah, i'm trying to stalk them online to get to know more about them haha =P)

PS - summatives 1 results out tomorrow.. good luck everyone! .. yet another reason for me to blog less and study more i guess.. sigh..

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