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Wednesday, 16 November 2005

To be a doctor ..

This week is BS week. Behavioural Science i mean. So far we learned bout verbal and non-verbal communication, how people learn, what is motivation, and some psychology shit like that. And the more lectures i sit thru (or sleep thru =P), the more things i learned about being a doctor that i never knew. I learned that a doctor have to watch what/how he talk/act the whole time while dealing with patients. I learned that a doctor shouldn't see a patient as a disease entity; he's a PERSON with disease. And i learned that being a doctor ain't just curing diseases. It's curing people.

Ask me what my ambition was 10 years ago, and i'll say "Polis!" without a thought. Ask me again 5 years ago, it's "Engineer la.. dunno wat engineer but engineer la..". Now, i'm on the road to be a doctor. What an indecisive person i am..

Anyway, what i wanted to say is, i never dreamed of becoming a doctor until, like, after i came into IMU? haha =P. Some people wanted to be a doctor for a name, money, status or they just wanted to help others (tho i sincerely doubt even half of all the doctors will still be doctors if the pay was like, peanuts and nobody respects doctors..). Me? I entered IMU because i was BLUR. BLUR because i didn't know what i wanted. BLUR because i was a naive and ignorant boy. BLUR because i was blind and deaf, not seeing nor hearing everything that's happening around me.

I really don't know what happened to me since i entered IMU, but i do know i changed the moment i realised i was gonna be a doctor. Grew up, maybe. Maybe i realised i won't be the boy who only cares bout friends and games and outings anymore. I can't be that boy anymore. Once i leave IMU, i'll have to take care of other people for the rest of my life. I'm not looking forward to that with a sigh; it's with a smile.

"To know that one life has breathed easier because you lived; that is to have succeeded." I knew i heard that before somewhere along the 19 years of trail i left behind me. But now it means so much more to me.

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