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Thursday, 24 November 2005

TAG! .. the sevens

Sigh.. got tagged by Yih Seong aka the bonze and Kok Lim. What to do.. can't disappoint my faithful readers =P

7 Things You Plan To Do Before You Die
1. learn cooking from my mom and grandma =)
2. learn to play extreme sports (rollerblading, skateboarding, etc)
3. learn to dance.. all kinds of dance =P
4. learn to really play the bloody guitar which has been lying around since i bought it and the piano (which i really really want to learn but didn't get the chance to) and heck, every single musical instrument la
5. be friends with everyone i meet (let's start with my batchmates first..)
6. made lives breathe easier because i lived
7. find love, fall in love, live happily ever after =)

7 Things I Could Do
1. study.. (well, like, duh..)
2. eat more (yeah, i know i need to gain some weight)
3. play more basketball/volleyball at nite
4. put more effort in everything i do (TC, choir, etc)
5. sleep at home
6. sleep in the lecture hall
7. sleep in the library

7 Celebrity Crushes
1. erm..
2. erm..
3. erm..
4. erm..
5. erm..
6. erm..
7. i don't wanna tell =P

7 Often Repeated Words
1. haha (i noticed i type this word a LOT ^^ .. and i laugh at every little thing too..)
2. wat the hell..
3. riggghhttt...
4. hungry wei..
5. do you want to eat? (complete with hand gesture)
6. zzzzzzzzzz..
7. zzzzzzzzzzzzz..

7 Traits I Look For In The Opposite Sex
1. a sense of humour
2. cheerful
3. able to take care of herself
4. enjoy being outdoors as well as indoors
5. un-diva-like (not complaining about every little thing)
6. sporting and open-minded
7. faithful and sincere

My 7 Tags Go To:
1. me bro (i know you're reading my blog =P)
2. Prasad (did anyone tagged you yet?)
3. Li Shun (harlow..)
4. Yong Chen (come on, i'm the 2nd to tag you already)
5. Yee Pei (i know..EoS5 coming..but then..)
6. Shin Yin (hey, i don't even know your blog address.. ^^")
7. Dr TS (yeah, sifu or not oso kena. Don't think can escape =P)

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