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Tuesday, 21 February 2006

More random thoughts ..

Still nothing to blog about, when i'm not sleeping i'm stoning at home.. -.-"

Bought a pair of hiking shoes for the KK trip today, took me almost an hour to decide which one to buy. Sigh. An hour just for one pair of shoes. I'm THAT indecisive. Can't change that habit of mine.. have to look at every pair of shoes (or shirt, jeans, etc) within a kilometre radius before i can make my decision ^^". To the extent that my parents gave up accompanying me to buy my new year clothes since years ago. Haha.. not a bad thing.. i get to take my time =P

Btw saw the adidas Hellbender W Water Shoes at al-Ikhsan.. swear i'd be drooling all over it if i had my hands on it a second longer haha. Man, if only i own a pair sigh..

I'd be satisfied with this pair of adidas Tangent XCR Hiking Shoes too.. =P

Man.. if only i had money to burn haha. If you haven't realise by now.. both of these are outdoors shoes ;). Yup, i'm an outdoors person (yes, although i love to sleep but that doesn't make me an indoors person k..).

Enough daydreaming.. hmm did you know today is International Mother Language Day? (just read that in NST). Didn't know such a day even exist .. but then we have a day for everything, don't we? -.-" . Mother tounge means the language that a child first learns.. for me it's Mandarin then. Damn.. my plans to learn to read Mandarin had failed miserably.. spent too much time sleeping -.-" . Better start reading again tomorrow.. next semester gonna start in a month sigh..

You guys surely know that a Chinese who can't speak Chinese is called a banana. So what do you call a Malay who can't speak Malay then? A coconut -.-" . How bout an Indian who can't speak Tamil? An Oreo -__-". Haha that's what i learned from reading the newspaper..
*The term banana, coconut, and Oreo are not intended to be racially discriminate or be offensive.

PS - just read Prasad's latest post (more info over on Lainie's blog) about a poll on whether we agree with the ethical segregation of people living with HIV/AIDS or not. Putting that poll up in the first place already make me sick.. but the fact that's there's more votes who agree with it than not.. makes me wonder how selfish some people can be. If only they think bout what's it like to have HIV/AIDS and be 'segregated'.. geez i've nothing more to say.

Go over here and do what you're supposed to do.

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