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Sunday, 5 February 2006

my hands are red O.o

Damn.. i'm beginning to ache all over. Had to be the lion head again yesterday.. the whole day. Now my neck feels sore.. hope tomorrow there's not many 'jobs'. And i'm not getting enough sleep too.. =/

Yesterday had to do lion dance from the morning till 4pm, then i had to rush back to Bukit Jalil. My parents were already waiting there before we go Klang for my brother's last dinner here in Malaysia in at least a year. Didn't really made it in time, but then i'm already rushing. And it had been a really long time since i got really irritated after my Dad called my so many times to ask me to hurry up. Wonder why i got so easily angry then.. maybe i was just too tired.

So my bro flew to Melbourne yesterday. Sent him off at 8pm+. Sigh.. i'm gonna miss him. My room in Bukit Jalil is going to be real quiet. Too quiet. Sigh.

On a lighter note, we did dragon dance just 3 hours ago at a Datuk's place. The job was only confirmed 2 days ago, and we only trained for 2 hours before the performance, so yeah, it was crap =P. Haha.. but we're noob mah, to quote Chow, give chance la! And the space was really small.. i knocked Chua (who's behind me) with the dragon twice ^^". Oh and the small boy from the performance at UE3 (the one who can play drums really well.. and he taught that himself) came to join us too. Couldn't sit still for 5 minutes. Damn hyperactive haha. He's 11-year-old i think.. so small. I feel so old now haha.

Speaking of old, i finally got to see my first ever niece today. She's my cousin's newborn, 3 months already. Haha so cute. Really funny when i looked at my mom and aunts surrounding her =P. She only cries, drinks milk, and sleeps. Nothing else ^^". Finally an 'uncle' now. Guess i really am old ^^".

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