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Monday, 6 February 2006

Last day of lion dance ..

Today was the last day we leave before the sun rises and go home after the sun sets. Yup, our lions gonna go 'on leave' after today, and replaced with dragon dance training until our big BIG performance in Seremban on Saturday.

Though this might be the last day, it's the worst of all the days we've worked. Worst not in terms of performance.. i'd say we've improved somewhat since our first day (maybe not a lot.. but still..). Worst as in we can hardly move a muscle at the end of the day.. everyone was on the brink of exhaustion. We had the bare minimum of six people.. four for the two lions, one drums, and one cymbals. Any less and we won't be able to perform ^^". And because we had the bare minimum, i had to be the head for the first half of the day.. until i can't lift my hands already - after which i took over the cymbals until the last job. Even now my whole body's still aching..

To make things worse, today was the busiest day too. We had so many appointments we're running late before we even finish the previous job. Had to rush from one location to the next without stop. It was dance, travel, dance, travel, dance all the way from 9am to 7pm. Don't even have time to have a proper lunch ^^". But then from the 11 odd jobs we had today, we earned the most in a day too.. 3100+ bucks! O.o . Haha.. the MCA Cheras head treated us to a really nice seafood dinner, complete with red wine and all =D (the restaurant is called Jembo or something like that O.o lol)

And with the end of today, thus ends our job as lion dancers (there might be a performance on Friday, but that ain't confirmed yet) and it's time to take out our dragon now. Can't afford to screw things up in Seremban.. though till now i still don't know what event we're performing for ^^"

Self-thought: No more lion dance for some time after this.. wonder if i should continue training after CNY? My dad is not keen on me joining after CNY.. but then i really wanted to learn lion dance and dragon dance 'properly' (the jumping and all ^^). I'll see how it goes before i decide la..

PS - didn't see any other lion dance troupe in Cheras beside us today.. heard that lion dance is getting less popular these days. Hope not.. this is our culture after all ^^. Esther said in Miri there's like more than 10 groups from a single chinese school alone O.o .. here, i'd be surprised if there's more than 10 troupes in total over here. Is modernization killing tradition? =/

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