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Wednesday, 15 February 2006

back home.. for 2 weeks

Back in Senai since Monday.. really can't remember the last time i was back home. It seems so long ago.. yet not long enough for me to miss coming back home. Don't really feel like going home actually.. but since i got nothing to do in Bukit Jalil already i can't find a reason to stay there either. And besides, i didn't even come home for the 15 days of chinese new year. Grandma didn't seem angry at me for that.. i just hope she really isn't.

Sigh.. life seems so empty when you have absolutely nothing to do. Only us IMU students are still having holidays.. the rest are mostly back to studying already. Yih Seong wanted to play futsal this Friday. I haven't decided whether i'll be going or not, but right now i don't have the motivation to go. Maybe it's because only a few friends i know are going.. or maybe i'm just too lazy to go. Most probably i won't be going.. coz if i were there but no heart to play, what's the point? Sigh. Sorry la Yih Seong.. i know you really want to play. But i have to ffk this time la.. futsal is at the bottom of my to-do list currently..

This Saturday would be Chingay again. Hehe.. miss those times we used to 'duty' during Chingay as St John members. Had to spent so many hours following those people flooding the streets.. from evening till midnight ^^. Fortunately i never encountered any 'big' injuries hehe. My first aid knowledge was almost non-existent.. and still is haha. Come to think of it, that was the only time of the year i'd see lion and dragon dances.. which is why i was thinking whether to go check it out this year. I've never really paid much attention to the lion and dragon dances.. coz i'll be busy yawning and taking a nap standing while on duty =P. Hmm.. should i waste my time there or rot at home.. tough choice ^^"

Btw.. Valentine's day just passed. Wasn't any special day for me, but still i wanna wish all the couples out there happy Valentine's day.. and good luck to those still 'available' ^^.

PS - wanted to spend my 2 weeks here learning how to read Mandarin.. if i didn't spent it all on sleeping =P

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