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Friday, 3 February 2006

I'm burned ..

As in sun-burned >.< . Just found out all the sitting on the lorry without cover for the last two days have made my face, hands and the back of my neck charred. And i do mean charred ^^". Anyway i've been posting a lot on our days as lion dancers, and i will until the end of CNY. So if you don't like it, too bad =P. Go read someone else's blog.

Third 'working' day .. (2nd February)
The more performances we had, the more i felt like i'm working or something. Only thing is that i don't know how much we're getting paid, but that's not of my concern at all. I'll still do it even if i had to fork out my own money for travel expenses and such. Yeah i'm in love with lion dance haha.

Anyway, on our third day .. our lions are out of job ^^". Only had one shop to perform at in the morning, then no more. Spent the rest of the morning going around tamans looking for work. Lol. Yeah, a MCA representative was going around the shops and houses asking whether they want a lion dance performance or not (while the rest of us played the drums and cymbals on the lorry haha). Until afternoon our lions are still unemployed. I was kinda hoping for that anyway =P. Haven't even recovered from the previous day's fatigue. And we're running a skeleton crew.. only six of us (4 for the two lions, one drum and one cymbal). Pathetic. Lol..

Fourth 'working' day .. (3rd February - today)
Had much better luck today. There was supposed to be only 2 performances, but we added 3 more on-the-spot. The indian boy who spoke much much better Cantonese than me came today, making our numbers one more than yesterday - seven. Oh btw he can play the drums too.. heard he's from another lion dance troupe which broke up already (Esther told me that Coach told her the better a lion dance troupe is, the more likely they'll break up O.o).

First was a grocery shop, then the salon next door hired us on-the-spot as well after the first performance. I was appointed the lion head for both (our 'best' lion head's holiday ended.. and had to return to work as of yesterday).. and i was supposed to cai qing as well. As in, they placed a pomelo+oranges on a plate on the floor, the lion's supposed to 'peel' them open and hand the plate to the owner (or boss). Never did it before.. so my lion was erm, a bit awkward ^^"

Then did a little dance at a car repair shop nearby (another on-the-spot job) before lunch. Next was a tuition centre somewhere in PJ, which was the most 'troublesome' job today. We had to go upstairs, enter every 'class' (8 in the first shoplot), go back down, go over to its 'branch' nearby, go upstairs, enter 3 more classes, cai some qing, go back down and back to the first shoplot, upstairs and cai some more qing. Geez.. but it was really fun haha. Lots of children there. So easily amused. If only we never grow up, eh? =P

Last job was a brief one at a newly-opened minimarket in PJ too (on-the-spot too). Nothing much la.. it's almost the same as the others. So we ended some time before 4pm. Had to be the lion head in all the performances, and Wan Chieh had to be my ass for all too haha. Think his back broke already ^^". Btw had lots more to improve on my lion dance though.. have to make it more 'alive'. Mine looked more like a sleepy lion =P

Leaving on an airplane ..
Sigh.. tomorrow i'll see my elder bro for the last time for a long time. He's flying off to Melbourne, and looking at our current financial situation, he won't be coming back unless he had a really good reason to (not even during holidays i guess). Have lion dance tomorrow too.. but it'll only be until afternoon last i heard. Hope we don't get too many on-the-spot jobs again ^^". Wonder how much he'll change when i next see him tho..

Oh btw.. i'm honoured.. to be on the MMR's Medical Blogroll (added along with Prasad, Yih Seong and Lishun! ^^). Thanks to whoever did that =P .. though i don't think anyone would be interested to read my non-medical related posts ^^"

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