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Sunday, 19 February 2006

Random thoughts .. and my dream electives

Nothing much to blog about actually, just wanted to put down some random thoughts i had in mind ^^.

Wanna buy a digital camera, but Dad says to wait first. Needed the camera when i go to KK next week. He said he's gonna borrow my cousin's one first. -.-". I have my sights on the new Sony DSC-W30 or W50.. so if anyone wanna buy me an early birthday present.. you know what to do. Haha =P

Forgotten to take my third jab of Hep B immunisation which was due last November ^^". Must have forgotten bout it due to exams. Sigh. Wonder if i had to take all 3 doses again.

After seeing all the lion and dragon dancers during Chingay who were way younger than me.. i felt like i wasted a really good opportunity. If only i joined a troupe when i was small.. i'd be so good right now =P. Sometimes i felt like i wasted my childhood not doing things i really wanna do. Sigh. Life is full of regrets, no?

Went to the Kite Festival at Bukit Layang-layang yesterday evening. Had been to the festival, like 3 times already, at least. Almost the same every year, just kites -.-". Just followed my parents because it's Sunday, family day! Hehe.. my younger brother was the one who wanted to go at first. It's been a yearly thing now.. well, almost. Wonder if i'll be home this time next year.. =/

Saw the latest price for a Proton Gen2.. around RM55k O.o. Even if i get 5k a month after i get out of uni it'll still take me more than a year to buy one. Decided that i'll just buy a Proton instead of all those Mercedes or BMW. Not gonna be so wasteful with money.

Might have to go back a day earlier than planned. Apparently there's a meeting on the KK trip next monday. Sigh. Still, i can't wait to get there ^^

A few days ago i read an article bout what might just be my dream electives ^^. I didn't know what to do for this electives actually, which is why i just followed the others to Mount KK (which is nice, and i wanted to go there too). Very few people knows that i wanted to be a veterinarian initially, not a doctor. Well, not a doctor that treats human anyway - humans are too troublesome =P

But now i'm on this long perilous path towards becoming a doctor, i'll have to put that dream of dreams of mine where it's supposed to be. In my dreams. Not that i regretted choosing to come to IMU, wouldn't have met all this great people and get the chance to do all this stuff otherwise. Not that i regretted choosing to be a doctor too, just that.. i had a dream ^^.

Well, maybe that's what electives are for i guess? To live our dreams before we dedicate the rest of our lives to listening to patients' complaints and getting our sleep interrupted by on-call duties. And i just found out my way of living my dreams ^^.

I wanna be a SEATRU volunteer! Which stands for Sea Turtle Research Unit, which is under the Faculty of Science and Technology of Kolej Universiti Sains dan Teknologi Malaysia. But i might not get to make it my next electives though.. due to the mistiming =/. Still, i think i'll sign up for it one day, even if it's not for my electives. Anyone interested? (not that i mind signing up for it alone ^^)

Me gonna go save turtles! Well.. some day, but not today..

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