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Friday, 10 March 2006

M106 Orientation!

Monday, 27th Feb - Wednesday, 1st March 2006 - M106 Orientation
Before we leave for Kota Kinabalu, i joined our M106 juniors' orientation as a 'floating OO'. All the fun of being an OO, none of the responsibility. Haha =P. Actually i didn't sign up as OO because i was going to KK anyway.. figure out that no point being OO for half the orientation only.

Reached Bukit Jalil on Sunday coz Yeap said got meeting on Monday, in the end the meeting was postponed to Tuesday -.-" . Did nothing much on Monday, i went down to check out the juniors' 'Ice-breakers', and went back with all of us covered with flour and butter, except Winnie who somehow managed to avoid getting dirty ^^". Haha.. i guess we had more fun than the juniors did, OOs and SMs 'ragging' each other =P. The juniors looked a bit subdued though.. like they don't enjoy ice-breakers at all. Haha =P.

And their cheers are really soft.. can hardly hear them, let alone make out the words. Oh and the smell.. damn, made us have lycheephobia for days. It smells so much we had to take a few steps back from the juniors to avoid vomiting. Yeah, it stinks that much =/

Tuesday.. nothing on the orientation activity list except IMCC photo shoot. I only checked them out on the way back from our KK meeting at Yew Wen's place. Seeing all 14 'girls' in bikinis at the poolside.. man, that can take the appetite out of anyone ^^". Some of them still looked like guys in bikinis O.o . I'm getting sick just recalling it .. haha

Wednesday was Treasure Hunt! The only day i'm waiting for.. coz i can't go for Variety Night on Friday =(. Tagged along with Group 6's OOs, Chia Huan, Chui Han, Jackie and Jane June as their waterboy. Had to carry like five 1.5 litres bottles running beside them ^^". Hmm nothing much different from our Treasure Hunt, the juniors getting wasabi, butter, flour, eggs, etc all over them. One memorable station tho.. the fridge station. God.. that fridge stank to the high heavens.. with all the rotten stuff inside.. and the juniors were supposed to dig for those green toy soldiers. Jane June joined in, vomited halfway, then continued digging O.o . Haha gotta respect her for the determination .. we other OOs juz stood at the side and.. erm, give moral support. Yeah, we did that =P

XP³ .. you guys are a great group, though i can't remember all your names except William (coz he's the IMCC mah =P). Have fun in IMU!

X to the P!
P to the 3!
Who are we?
Who are we??
Yahmatei, Yahmatei, OooZa, OooZa,
Pundek, Pundek,
Puki, Puki,

(can't really remember the cheer.. it goes something like this rite? ^^)

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