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Thursday, 16 March 2006


Just in case some of you didn't check the imucampus forums, the timetables for our next semester is already out. Download it here. We have PBL 1 on our first day! -.-"

Btw i'm sick =(. Started with a mild headache after dinner 2 days ago. I thought i just needed a rest so i went to sleep earlier.

Woke up yesterday with the headache getting worse, so i ate one paracetamol and went to sleep, and when it didn't work (woke up later at night with even worse headache), i took two. Couldn't sleep until 5am coz i'm feeling hot inside, yet cold outside >.<

The headache's still lingering around my head as i type this. Was on my bed the whole day coz i'm feeling so tired, and went to sleep for god-knows-how-long. Sigh. Grandma called me a couple of times to ask how i was doing, and i juz reassured her i'm alright. Wouldn't want her to worry bout me. Just hope i get well soon.. i'm really not feeling good at all.

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