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Monday, 13 March 2006

1 week, 7 days, 168 hours, 10080 minutes, 604800 seconds ..

While everyone went back home after our KK trip, me got stuck here in Bukit Jalil (well, Paul's stuck here too so i guess i wasn't the only sad fellar haha). Exactly one week to the first day of Semester 2.. one week to the beginning of hell, all over again >.<

On the other hand, i wasn't hoping that this holidays will drag on some more.. maybe coz it's already as good as it can get, can't wish for anything better ^^. Let's see what i've done since we're freed from our cages after our EoS1..

1. Joined lion and dragon dance for the whole 15 days of CNY. Right, i must be mad then.

2. Went back and waste myself for the whole 2 weeks after that. Yes, i do enjoy that whole 2 weeks =P

3. Came back to Bukit Jalil, got down and dirty with the M106 juniors on their orientation ^^

4. Flew to KK, explored the shopping complex (singular noun =P), rafted down the river, climbed the mountain, snorkelled the sea, went into the guano-filled Bat Cave, relaxed in the hot springs, slept in a 'budget' inn, slept in a 5 star hotel, ate nothing but energy bars for lunch, ate 75 bucks seafood dinner (i still owe Jem =/), ate chocolate (lots of it.. ^^"), took lots and lots of pictures (thousands at the last count.. really!), flew back to KLIA, brought back 'nothing but memories' =) (and 3 shirts.. which cost me 75 bucks >.<)

5. Came back to Bukit Jalil to a dust filled home, with 7 days of dirty laundry, more dirty laundry that i left behind before i go KK, lots of bills to sort (dates back to November 2005 -.-"), books to buy/photostate for my bro in Aus, running low on cash, sigh.. life's returning to normal i guess..

6. One more week of wasting, sleeping all i can while i get the chance to, buy dumbbells from Carre4, go jogging and swimming at least once, watch some de rigueur talk or play or sth in IMU, study a little bit.. and that'll end my 2 months holidays.

Sometimes.. time pass by real fast, init?

On a side not.. i've finally decided on which digital camera my Dad will give me on my 20th birthday. Haha, yeah i have all the say in what i get for my birthday present, cool huh? =P Nola.. you think i that pampered meh haha. Actually i wanted a camera to bring to KK, but then i couldn't decide on which one to buy before i left JB. So Daddy said he'll buy one for me using my birthday as an 'excuse' ^^. Well, this will be the.. second birthday present i ever asked for? (after my guitar.. which is lying in my room collecting dust now >.<)

On another side note that has nothing to do with anything at all.. found this really cool photoblog of a friend of Lishun (i think?). Just salute his photography skills la.. another hobby i gonna take up soon. Photography! =P (do check out his photos.. swear he's a pro, man.. ^^)

Self note
The camera he's using : Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ5
The camera i'm gonna get : Canon Powershot A620
Comparison : on

Ooh.. i can't wait to get my new camera ^^

PS - ah before i forget.. to all M205 bloggers reading this, me and Pwassy wanna start an M205 blog. Watcha all say?

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