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Friday, 16 September 2005

Week 3 and i'm dead..

Three weeks. And it felt like i've been here for months. Sigh..not that i don't enjoy every moment being in IMU, just that...i'm so exhausted at times...

First, the non-stop lectures. It's draining my life force out of me i tell you =P. Everyday as soon as the lectures start, i'll go into my routine morning nap. Not that i can help it, lecturers are universally known to put people to sleep, right? And on days when i succeed in staying awake, my brain will be switched off to conserve energy. Which means i've been pretending to listen to lectures these past few days. Sigh..looks like i HAVE to become one of the library furniture soon. Tried to go library and look thru the lecture notes this morning and guess what, i fell asleep juz by looking at the papers. O.o

Must be the IMU Cup that has been making me feel so tired. Hehe..but i already knew i'll lag behind if i sign up for IMU Cup. Neway, my plan now is to get IMU Cup over and done with, then double up my pace to catch up on my studies. I'm not sure i can do that, but i really can't focus on revisions and sports at the same time. I need my 10 hours of sleep a day =P

Talking bout IMU Cup, it's not going very well for Sem1 at the moment. Already lost in a couple of sports edi, and sad to say, some of our teams don't even stand a chance at all. 1 week of practice won't get you far anyway. Thankfully we have better luck at basketball ^^. Our guys' team juz beat Sem2 yesterday. 62-30. The score is deceiving, because of all 12 players, only 3 are really good hehe. Still, a victory's a victory =P. On the other hand, girls, sigh...our girls basketball team kena bully teruk teruk ^^". Thrashed by Sem3 last Sunday and by Sem5 yesterday. The girls have been training really hard, but the other girls are so tall...and so ganas O.o . IMU Cup we thrash the juniors =P

And btw decided not to join cheerleading coz basketball and taichi have already killed my legs. Could barely stand when i have to go thru such torture everyday hehe. Think i'll wait for next year then. Oh, and i managed to get a preview of our Sem1 cheerleading team during taichi session, and erm, it looks rather ok at this time. Can't wait to see their performance in bout a month's time ..

And before i forget again, a very happy birthday to my little brother who turned 16 today. I nearly forgot to send him happy birthday message until my father reminded me on the phone 3 hours from the deadline ^^".. something tells me i have to get more rest.. *yawn*..

-11.17pm, 19 September 2005-

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