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Monday, 19 September 2005

bon voyage..

One of my best and longest-serving friends left Malaysia yesterday morning. I've known him since Standard 5..that's 1997. Still remember the time i sat next to him, and we'll whack each other everytime class ends haha. Don't even know how it got started. Turned into some kind of routine i guess haha. But we don't really know each other until end of Standard 6, when the first 'slumber party' is held at his place (actually it was Eric who invited me =P). Sigh... feel so nostalgic thinking of those times..

Fast forward 8 years, and we've seen each other grow up so much. We laughed, we fought (ok, it's me kena bantai by him all the time). He's since overgrown his violent tendencies (that's why i'm still alive i guess haha), and i've stopped being his punching bag. There've been so many times i stayed over at his place, it's like a free hotel to me. Birthdays, festivals, BNOs, LNOs (oops =P), even new year parties we had celebrated at his place (coz there's a pool downstairs!). There was once he invited me to his and his neighbours' new year eve's party...the thing is, i know nobody there.. O.o Haha.. till now i still wonder why do you invite me alone to the party? Feels so out of place at that time haha..

Now, after so many years of being stuck together (not that either of us wanted it haha), he's finally leaving us (yes, finally.. =P). While me and the others here are stuck in IMU, Malaysia for at least another 2.5 years, he'll be flying off to Sheffield University, UK. Caught up with him yesterday morning while he's in transit to get on the plane from KLIA to UK, and managed to give him a bottle of vodka as a parting gift hehe (imported from Kiosk, SS15 =P). We thought hard on what to write while having breakfast at Melur (actually only YS and Pat's thinking hehe). Rejected "Friends Forever!" coz it sounds too gay haha. In the end it was written "Whitish fluid from all of us. All da best!". Wanted to add "PS - We left some space for you" but ran out of space haha.

Bon voyage, Yong Chen aka killakat aka slimy shitt aka uno catalysto! You better bring back souvenirs that's worth our taxi fares to and from KLIA =P. Dun be a stranger, ma nigga!

'What? You say you'll be back in 3 months time? What a waste of time to send you off..'
Haha =P

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