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Tuesday, 27 September 2005

Update, update...

Sigh...with so many things happening the past week, i got too lazy to blog. Some days i felt like blogging yet i realize there's nothing to blog about.. then there are days that are the complete opposite. Sometimes i i blog for myself, or for other people? That's when i realize...this is becoming something other than what my idea of a 'blog' is. So...'unprivate'. Guess the internet's no place for private stuff heh. Everytime i post, i have to think of what others might think of what i posted. So much restrictions. Ah well, i'll just split my private and public thoughts to separate blogs. Everyone's happy that way, right..

Enough of my crappings. Decided to join the choir club last week just to try out something new. I've always loved music, any kind of music. But no, i don't sing in public because i'm too self-conscious to let other ppl hear my bad singing =P. And with just 3 days of 'practice', we sang "Here, There, Everywhere" (which was sang by Clay Aiken during American Idol) during the National Health Science Debate closing ceremony. 3 days of practice...for 45 seconds on stage. least the audience enjoyed it (to a certain extent =P). Next up on our choir group's fixture is the IMU Art Competition on 4th Oct...we'll be singing "Eyes on Me" =)

Spent nearly 400 bucks last Saturday. RM250 goes to my new Reebok basketball shoes (coz my last one was decimated by that damn tar basketball court). Went all the way to MidValley to find some shoes. Cheapest one was RM230, so after much consideration i just grabbed a pair at random haha. Just hope they can last a few years at least. RM120 goes to contact lenses. Don't ask me, i don't know what the hell was on my mind when i decided to buy contacts. I sort of just thought of buying contacts, walked into Focus Point, and came out less than half an hour later with 120 bucks less in my wallet. Didn't even compare the prices, thought of how much i gonna use them, etc etc. A compulsive buyer, i am. Sigh..

Just bout 2 hours ago, our basketball team made it into the finals =). Managed to edge my bro's Sem 5 team by only 3 points. I didn't get to play, but i didn't have much confidence in myself anyway. Wanted to brush up on my basketball skills (i can't even dribble properly..) but don't seem to find the time to practice coz there's always ppl playing on the IMU court everyay. I'll just wait till IMU Cup over then..

PS - gonna donate blood tomorrow, this'll be the third time for me hehe. What to do, my blood in great demand mah =P (actually my blood type is O la haha..)

PS PS - damn PBL made me slept only 5 hours this morning...ended up sleeping thru the whole day's lectures and even almost slept during PBL ==". Must sleep early from now on..and start doing PBL research earlier..

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