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Friday, 9 September 2005

IMU Cup...stressing me up like hell (..over nth)

Sigh...'fresh' out of orientation, yet to recover from all the ragging, and we were given only a week to prepare for IMU Cup. To say how rushed all of these are, i was involuntarily appointed as the basketball rep. Just because our sports rep was my orientation groupmate and i was sitting near him and i signed up for basketball and he was too lazy and with an "I love you la, Siaw" i was entrusted the job of getting everything bout Sem 1's basketball team set up. WTF..

First things first. Our girls' basketball team was supposed to have their first match this Sunday, 72 hours away from when i became basketball rep. And there's only 3 confirmed players out of the required 5. SMSed away on my hp til it combusted to find 2 more girls. By now (11pm) i still can't get any other girls to confirm. Have to make do then. Hope the 3 girls managed to con their friends into this. If not, they'll have to play without subs.

Then it's the practicing (in more professional term, training =P). Only one day to practice. To be precise, only 2 hours. Tomorrow, the girls will get together for a 2 hour training. Wonder what can be achieved in that short time. Some more i don't know who will coach them. Sigh..just depend on 'natural talent' la haha..

The boys' team...well, can forget bout that too. I'll figure out what to do with them after the match on Sunday. Heard there's some really good basketball players in our batch. But then most of the ppl who signed up seems to be involved in other sports too. Looks like i have to burn some more of my hp credit to get them together on Monday..

Sigh...enough bout the basketball stuff. I had wanted to join cheerleading too but they are looking for 'big' guys. And heard there's more guys than girls in the squad O.o . Haha...i think it'd be really fun to try out cheerleading. Maybe after the girls' basketball training tomorrow i'll ask Yun bout it. Hope my thighs can tahan some more torture..especially after futsal and tai-chi the last few days ^^"

Gah...i can't blog any more than this la. I'm nearly brain-dead from stressing out over our girls' basketball team. I don't even know why the heck am i stressing out for. Gonna see how good they are tomorrow...hope we can get at least a medal from basketball (yeah, fat hope.. =P)

-11.41pm, 9 September 2005-

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