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Wednesday, 1 June 2005

so much time...nothing to do...

Sigh...still have bout 2 more hours to dinner. And i have nothing to do till then. Hmm..i should be studying you say? Well, there's nothing much left to study...and the hardest paper is a week away. Have plenty of time to study before then...right now i'm just getting tired of this exams. Bloody exams caused me to have only 4 hours of sleep for 2 days straight...

Went to visit Yih Seong at SJMC this afternoon. Me, Jem, Pat, Yong Chen, Anne, Chow and Denise walked all the way there from college juz to see him. We better get something from you for this Yih Seong haha =P. Kidding. He doesn't look too bad, juz seems tired. And he had to sit for Math 3 on the hospital bed this morning. Hope he gets good results for it..

It's been getting quiet back in 121D. Leong still hasn't come up yet and Ashok went back to JB last Sunday coz he got a 11-days break before his last paper. Yih Seong juz got admitted into SJMC yesterday. So that leaves only me, Yong Chen, Pat and Jem at home. It's been quite a while since all of us sat around the table making so much noise haha...gonna miss the time we had in Subang...sigh..

Oh btw Pat's birthday was last Thursday..we juz bought a cake for him. No 3-4 this time coz he juz woke up from sleep. Actually we wanted to buy the T7 he's dying to get his hands on (really! haha =P)...but we're bout RM1850 short haha. Apartment fund's running out of money anyway..we can't even afford the cake. Had to ask Yih Seong to pay for the cake first ^^"..Happy belated birthday Pat! =P

-6.32pm, 1 June 2005-

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