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Monday, 27 June 2005

Another week of holidays over...

Haven't been in the mood to blog for some time now. Don't know why..but the past few days i felt like being alone, away from everything. Maybe i just need some time for myself. Sorry i didn't go out along with you guys when Chuin Hau came down yesterday. Was feeling really tired then...tho tired of what i don't really know..

Chow and Paul's visit to our homeland, JB =)
Lots of stuff happened since the last entry. Last week, from 20th to 23rd June only Chow and Paul managed to come down to visit JB, out of the initial 5 that agreed to go with this plan. Oh well, two or five, it doesn’t matter anyway. At least they’ll keep us busy for a while hehe.

Monday, i went along for dinner at some hawker's place somewhere not very far from Jem's place (where Chow and Paul stay while here in JB). Then we went Leisure Mall, thinking maybe we can catch a movie but then it's too late. Ended up with a while in the arcade and another while in cc. I'm not into the cc thing actually...but Chow's our guest and he said he wants it. What to do..he likes pawning our asses so much..juz make him happy in JB lor =P.

Tuesday, they went to Singapore to visit the zoo and iPod-shopping, but i didn't go coz i don't have a passport. Decided against making one juz for the one-time trip...i don't really wanna go there anyway (read: it'll be a waste of money for me ;) ).

Wednesday, took them to the busiest shopping complex in JB, City Square ( maybe that's becoz it's the only place to hang out but hey, we aren't as pathetic as it sounds =P) and watched 'Batman Begins'. Had dinner at the same hawker's place again, and cc again (man..when will this ever stop).

Chow and Paul took a bus back to Subang on Thursday, but i wasn't there to send them off. Was feeling a lil bit sleepy and it's not very close sorry ya =P.

Holidays...time to do what i always wanted to do =)
Hmm...if there's one thing i like besides sleeping, it's learning to do new stuff. I always have this desire deep inside of me to learn to do something new, and my list of to-learn stuff is really really long, trust me. Scuba-diving, Ice-skating, rollerskating, surfing, rockclimbing, mountain-hiking...even breakdancing haha. Ok, i know how ironic this sounds...for someone who needs to sleep half the day, saying i want to learn to do all these 'active' stuff. But hey, who says my love of sleep is gonna stop me =P

So everyone gotta start somewhere ya..and on top of the list is the most basic thing i've been wanting to learn but juz didn't have the time (or maybe i'm juz too lazy =P) - swimming! I'm 19 already and i still don't know how to sad right haha. I used to fear going to pools..coz well, i was a thin boy (still am..but i'm trying my best to fatten up ;) ) so you know me la, shy shy mah haha. But thru the years, i've learned to love myself the way i am. I realise it's not what others think of you that matters, but rather what you think of yourself. So be happy of yourself, and you'll be happy. I'm getting off-topic haha...anyway i started last Tuesday, and will be done in 10 hours of lessons =). So swimming... *crossed*. Wonder what's next hehe..

-2.59am, 2 July 2005-
Hope you two enjoyed your stay ;)

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