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Sunday, 12 June 2005

..last day in 121D..

..and our last day in 121D..
Yong Chen, Yih Seong and Pat had an early flight to catch, so i only woke up juz in time to watch them leave (the flight was delayed, so i didn't expect to see them when i woke up actually). Jem left at the same time with them, he'll be off to Cameron on a church outing with Paul and two other guys. So that leaves me and Ashok alone at home..Leong had already packed up and left the day before yesterday. Quite a strange sight really..half of the apartment's empty and the other half's filled with rubbish. Packed up all my stuff and went to 'The Web' for the last time (i gonna miss those uber-fast internet connection..).

Me family came later than planned, so i had a few hours with nothing to do in the apartment. Looked around 121D for the last time..and it looks exactly like the time when we first came, 18 months ago..with more rubbish of course. Sigh...right now, looking back at the one and a half years of my life here, I'm still bewildered..amazed that i've managed to keep my sanity all this while. Or maybe i already lost it a long time ago? doesn't matter either way =P.

Ashok left a while after my family came..i was supposed to leave first ^^". Stuffed everything we can into my dad's car, then he and mom drove to my bro's apartment near IMU to dump those stuff. Me and my brothers had to wait for my cousin-in-law to take away the washing machine, so we stayed in 121D. While me and Ashok were bringing our stuff out of 121D, the cleaners came. So when i went up again with my brothers, 121D ain't like the 121D we lived in no more. They cleaned it up, rearranged everything (the sofas under the fan and the 'dining-cum-study' table's where the sofas used to be). The only thing that reassure me that we didn't barge into the wrong apartment was..well, it was supposed to be a suprise, so let's juz say Pat left something on Leong's study table ;).

Everything must come to an end. And so with this, my struggle for sanity in 121D has come to an end =P. I'll surely remember all the time we spent around the 'dining-cum-study' table, all 7 (8 including Paul..who's almost living with us 24/7 anyway hehe) of us sitting around it. Talking cock like nobody’s business. Bitch bout every single victim we can think of. Kutuk every single person we see. Sigh...this is where we spent our college life in. And leaving this place, i felt like a part of me was left behind. Life juz won't be the same anymore. Nothing will ever beat living with these guys. Sigh..

-4.19am, 15 June 2005-
sigh..i gotta find a new name for my blog..

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