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Saturday, 11 June 2005

The end of life, that is..

This is it. The end of college. Never thought this day would come so soon..sigh. One and a half years of sweet and bitter memories ain't that easy to forget. Man..i wish college life would never end. Those late night (and i do mean late ;) ) cybercafe engrossed we even sacrificed sleep on some days. Those movies we many that i can't name one we missed (no, Senario XX ain't a movie =P). Those class dinners we ate..after each time my wallet became a lot thinner ^^". And the one thing i'll miss most of all..those jokes,kutuks,bitchings and all sorts of crap i heard over the last one and a half years. In fact, i already miss all that haha..

The last few days in Subang..
Wed, 8 June 2005
After our last paper, Chemisty 6 (which didn't go well so don't ask haha), we went to 1 Utama for our 'post-exams celebrations'. Watched 'The Interpreter' coz 'Madagascar' was sold out, then had dinner at Chilli's. Both the movie and dinner was superb..that’s the least i can say ;). All the time in between was spent walking around the shopping complex aimlessly...besides following Pat around checking out all the Cybershot T7s he can get his hands on, that is. After spending the whole day in 1U, we spent the whole night in Silver Surfer ^^". Only managed to play 3 DotA games...after which we were so dazed we can't walk straight no more haha..

Thu, 9 June 2005
Bored to the brink of insanity at home (literally haha), we went to watch 'Mr and Mrs Smith' in Pyramid. Very interesting movie..very funny too. Nothing else the whole day.

Fri, 10 June 2005
Chow came over to settle the parking stuff. Ended up in Warnet X-Edition the whole evening. At night me, Ashok, Chow and Paul had bak kut the for dinner. The others were not home..they packed and left with either parents or relatives temporarily.

Sat, 11 June 2005
Another evening spent in Warnet X. There's no morning coz i woke up late..again. Watched 'Madagascar' (at last..this was supposed to be our post-exams movie haha) at Summit with Pat, Ashok and Yong Chen. The others went cc at round midnight again. Me gave it a miss coz i was damn tired and getting sick of cc already..

'Class Prom' haha =P (Sun, 12 June 2005)
So we decided to have a class party instead of going for that pathetic A-Levels Prom Night at Holiday Villa (which got cancelled due to poor response anyway). BBQ at Chow's Place, with almost everyone in our class present. Only Ms Ho and Ms Chan made it though..the other lecturers couldn't care less i figure haha. Guess everyone did enjoy themselves..we won’t be seeing each other much from now on. Thanks Chow for letting us wreak havoc at your place =P.
PS-i'll try to get some pictures from my friends...

..farewell, mah friends..
Sad though it is, we have to bid farewell to each other after some time. To all those i know, and all those who know me, this will most probably be the last goodbye we exchanged. I wish you all the best in life, and always remember that there's a friend right here waiting to hear from you, for as long as i breathe. Farewell everyone, and may we meet again..some day..

-3.49am, 15 June 2005-
I already miss you guys..haha..

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