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Saturday, 18 June 2005

Happy Father's Day! =) it's Father's Day again. Time pass so damn fast. Was thinking of what to get for Dad actually..but ended up with nothing at all haha. Dunno what present to buy..come to think of it, i've only bought one present for him for the past 19 Father's Days =P. Think he's used to not getting anything besides 'Happy Father's Day' wishes by now. Such bad sons three of us are, eh? Sigh.. hehe. Oh before i forget, Happy Father's Day Dad! =)

This Father's Day was just like any other Sundays, except Mom suggested we go to some rather high-class restaurant for some..seriously i dunno what are we doing there haha. It was around 5pm, too late for lunch, too early for dinner. Sat there, looked thru the menu, and everything looks know, looks like stuff that you have for lunch or dinner. As we had lunch like a couple of hours ago, we only ordered two plates of salad and a plate of fish n chips, which are really delicious, if you ask me. Hmm.. it's nice to sit down and have dinner like this once in a while. Won't get much chance to eat out with family in the next few years...when university life comes knocking on me door =/

Status : Idle (literally..)'s been nearly a week since i came down from Subang. And what have i been doing since then? You mean besides sleeping? Nothing haha =P. Literally wasting my life everyday..but hey, i'm not complaining lol. Maybe i'll waste a few more days of my life before i snap back to reality =P. Everyone's gotta take a break some time, you know. A break where you have nothing to do. No classes to attend, no exams to study for, no lecturers to stand, no stress thinking of 'what's for lunch/dinner' ;).. and oooh my favourite, knowing you can sleep anytime you want, as long as you want. Haha..can't blame me if i love sleeping rite? =P

But seriously, this 'transition phase' between college and university feels so weird. Dunno wat to do everyday, dunno wat the future holds. Umm..actually i got placed on KIV by IMU. Which is sort of like the waiting list i guess. Didn't apply to anywhere else, mainly coz i dunno where else to apply to ^^". Beginning to consider other options.. if i couldn't get into IMU, i would probably not be doing medicine. But i don't know what i'll do besides medicine. Sigh.. it's so damn tough making life-changing decisions..

-4.01am, 23 June 2005-
still can't think of a title for this blog.. sigh..

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