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Saturday, 9 July 2005

i wonder wat sound does crap makes...'s been a really long time since i blogged. Not that i don't want to..but more like i can't. Somehow i managed to fracture my right wrist during our only futsal game last last Friday, which is a week plus ago. Doesn't hurt much unless i tried to turn or bend my hand. It's much better now, but i still can't turn my hand much. Am i getting paranoid? Nah..not in the least bit =P. Haha..some friends implied that i should be more worried ^^. Thanks for all the concern...but we shouldn't be worrying too much all the time. Life's no fun if we keep worrying, aight? ;)

Calling out some old friends..
First off, i wanna apologize to Yih Seong especially for 'boycotting' your outing haha. Well, actually YS called me, Yong Chen and Jem for some chilling out with Boon Shih who juz got back to JB not long ago. Due to some 'miscommunication', i thought the plans wasn't confirmed so the outing was scrapped. My bad ^^". Not to mention i slept right thru the supposedly meeting time and missed Yih Seong's message that morning =P. Can't help it haha..

And so i tried to make it up for Boon Shih, and called him out for lunch and movie this afternoon (Yih Seong rejected me ='(, so i ain't putting his name instead of Boon's haha =P). Managed to get Wy Keat and Looi out along too. Wanted to get Yohannes and Jeng Khay out as well but they can't make it. Sigh. So 4 of us had lunch at City Square and watched 'The Amityville Horror' coz there was nothing else to watch, short of 'Qaisy & Laila' lol =P. Boon Shih watched 'Initial D' edi..and Wy Keat can't make it for the 'War of the Worlds'. Still, the movie was rather ok..maybe different from what i've always watched in the know, sci-fi and action type of movies. Too bad Wy Keat didn't like horror movies..he even slept halfway thru the movie haha..

Life changes..people changes..
It's interesting how life brings us apart...only a few years ago we see each other in school everyday. And right now we don't even contact each other more than an occasional 'How'd you doing' message. I know, we have our own lives to live, and sometimes, old friends gotta take a backseat..or hell with grammar lol =P. I'm a rather sentimental person i admit, and i tend to cling on to friendships for as long as they can last. It's sad some people don't share the way i feel bout the point that i see them as 'phantom friends' already. They're out there all right, and they'll respond if you called (if you're lucky hehe ;) ), but other than that you won't hear nothing from them. Unless silence is something that can be heard.

Then again, maybe they have reasons not to call me up all those time. Well, maybe it's a blessing in disguise, if every one of them called me up all the time i won't even have time to sleep haha ^^. Anyway, i gotta admit i've been guilty of being a 'phantom friend' to a great lot of people too. Not that i don't want to, or that i don't have the time to message them (how long does it take to type 'how's life?'). Just that..i feel that i don't even know them anymore. Over the years, we drift apart so much we're more like strangers to each other than friends.

Then again, how do you define 'friends'..people have different definitions for that. Me, i see friends as those people who i can count on anytime. There are friends who have been quiet all the time, but will be ready to get you back on your feet whenever you fall. Those people are friends to me. Then there are so-called 'friends' who make noise around you all the time, but will miraculously disappear out of your sight whenever you get into trouble. Those people..well, i dunno wat to call them. Selfish ingrates doesn't sound too crude, does it? haha...

Anyway, just a note here..i certainly ain't taking a potshot at anyone, juz me mumbling rubbish =P. And i sincerely apologize if i offended someone. I have lots of great friends, some really great friends, and a few really f**king great friends to be grateful for =). You may not realise it, but it's people like you that makes life worth living...besides the television of course haha. Again, i'm not referring to anyone so don't get too self-important yet lol =P

-3.45am, 14 July 2005-

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