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Saturday, 23 July 2005

So bored at home..

Nothing much to blog about lately, just that me, Jem, Yong Chen and Irwin went to City Square to catch 'Fantastic Four' this morning. Well, i can't say it's a disappointment, coz i don't really have high hopes for it anyway. But still, it's not as good as all the critics claimed. Watchable? Yes. Fantastic? It's got to be a no from me.

Maybe i've got really jaded by the comic superhero/heroes premise those movie producers try to wring out as much money as possible from. Spiderman(s), X-Men, Daredevil, The Hulk, Batman, and now, Fantastic Four? Give me a break man. Maybe we don't have to wait that long until they start making those Superman movies again. oh wait, they already are making one. My god..

Back to the movie, first thing the story sucks in? Their names. Mr. Fantastic? The Human Torch? Invisible Girl? The Thing?? How much more creative can they get haha. But then, this comic started so damn long ago...maybe the artist just got a 'comic-superhero-names' block..whatever you call that. Can't blame the movie then. The second thing? I just makes me feel empty inside. Like when you're watching all the 'Friends' episodes at one go. Or when you're playing DotA for the millionth time. The excitement just isn't there anymore. Sigh. Oh and btw, Julian Mcmahon (as Dr. Doom) just keep reminding me of Christian in Nip/Tuck. Lol..Dr. Doom sucks. The only thing good about this movie? It reminds me that i don't like Fantastic Four, movie or comic or whatever. Yes, i'm biased. So? Sue me =P

Oh and before i's dedicating a short section to one of my friends. HAPPY BIRTHDAY LI HWA! =). It's her birthday yesterday, so maybe i should say HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY! =P Funny how we can still remain friends though we haven't met each other yet haha. Well, best of luck in your STPM later this year ;). Give it your best, k?

-1.52am, 28 July 2005-
And before any of you say anything, we're just friends ;). No scandals. Haha..

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