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Wednesday, 27 July 2005

Blogs, luv them, hate them.

Don't know why, but i'm not feeling in the mood to blog lately. Perhaps i contracted the 'too-lazy-to-blog' epidemic that's been spreading thru my friends' blogs recently? I hope not hehe. But still sometimes i all this blogging thingy just a fad? Something that comes and goes after everyone got bored of it? From the look of some of my friends' blogs, it sure looks like it. But i have no right to condemn them for not blogging now, do i? As much as i wish they'll continue to blog, it's up to them to type all those posts. And not everyone's as free or bored as me to keep blogging. Sad, yeah i know. Not them, me. Haha. Got nothing to do the whole day..and the only thing interesting happening nowadays is opening up a friend's blog and get shocked that there's a new entry (yeah, new entries come THAT slow). Lol..maybe i should get a job. Fast.

There are times i gave up checking my friends blogs, and turn to total strangers' blogs to amuse myself. And i couldn't help but notice something. As many 'alive' blogs there are out there..there are a few times more 'dead' blogs. Hmm..looks like the epidemic is more farspread than i initially thought. Sigh. But then...among all those typical 'my life' blogs, dusty blogs, 'cant-make-any-less-sense' blogs and weird blogs (as in..WAY too weird to be read), some rare gems do turn up. Like this blog. Bloody funny, extremely offensive (to those who don't know how to take things lightly hehe), and goddamned frank. Best of all, it's Malaysian - you just can relate to whatever he blogged. Do check it out, but i've to warn you first, don't take anything he said..err, typed..seriously. And prepare to have a good laugh over there.

-1.07am, 28 July 2005-

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