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Tuesday, 3 July 2007


Just when i was having fun, i sprained my ankle.

Geez. Got injured during basketball practice last night. Within just 2 hours, my lateral ankle ballooned up. Could hardly even walk. Hafiz and Wei Loong said it'll hurt like hell. I thought it was just a minor sprain.. ahh me and my ego.

Not the first time i sprained my ankle tho. A pretty old injury last year i guess when i landed badly during some jump in wushu. I hope this isn't as bad as that time.. it took a couple of months to fully recover. But then that's because i keep injuring it during wushu after that. Haha, i just can't stop injuring myself -.-

Sprained ankle means i can't go for choir performance (yes! =P) tomorrow. Sorry Chia Qi. And can't go to pasar malam tonight. Sorry Wy Keat. And had to skip PBL 2 a few hours ago. Sorry PBLmates.

Hmm isn't human body the most amazing thing. Able to withstand so much torture we put ourselves to everyday. Hehe. Funny how something as small as cells can work together to sustain each other, enabling our bodies to function efficiently. Never fails to amaze me. It's like our bodies are the most efficient, self-maintaining machinery we can ever imagine.

Anyway, finally got to watch Transformers last Friday. The few movies i actually really look forward to. I still remember watching the cartoon series when i was young.. but can't seem to recall anything about it now. All i remember was my creative big brother took some Lasy pieces and made Transformers out of them. Haha. I was never the creative one in the family. Shucks.

Back to the movie.. everyone think it's the bestest movie of the year. Shoot me, but besides the transformation from various things into robots, nothing else bout it impressed me. Predictable story, cheesy jokes, boring humans. Perhaps i had extremely high expectations of it. Or maybe i just wasn't in the movie mood. Either way, the movie was good, just that i didn't feel it blew me away like it did everyone else. Yawn.

ps - from the news, it seems like hazy days are coming again. Apparently forest fires in Sumatra again. Time to drink more water everyone.. with so many people already falling sick in our batch =/

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