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Sunday, 15 July 2007

a look on life (part I)

You know you have grown up when you wake up at 6 in the morning and think about your life so far.

It's 5.43am in the morning and i woke up.

It's very rare for me to wake up after the first alarm, let alone before. But somehow today, i only slept for 3 hours. The shortest time i have slept in a day for almost forever. Yet i guess this is the soundest sleep i got in a long long time.


Our third exams in 3 months, Renal ICA. Won't comment on the paper, but i guess i could have studied the stuff i thought weren't important. Principles of drug treatments. I totally did not remember anything from there, i thought it was just common sense. Turns out i don't have common sense. Haha. I didn't even know how to answer the questions. Ah well.

Just a few days before my exams, i got my biology clock screwed up. Began sleeping later and later each day, until the day before exams, i slept at 10am. Wasn't planning on sleeping, but i gave up. Bound at home with an ankle sprain for 2 weeks, i have nothing to do at home besides study and turn on my computer. I could almost die at home if i study just a little bit more. I was at my threshold of studying. Any more and i'll lose my mind.

Which is why after the exams, i felt relieved. I forgot how this felt like, to have passed another hurdle. It just seems the run stretched forever, infinite hurdles before me. I did not stay for the 'feedback' session (more like answer-giving session -.-). I just could not care what the answers are. I felt.. free.


We got our Repro ICA results right after the exams. 126 of 180 in my batch got A, 30+ got A- (according to Chia Huan's blog, i didn't check). Scary. It puts so much pressure on us to study harder, especially us who're going to PMS. I admit i was intimidated. I hadn't been doing as well as most people since i came into IMU, frankly. My results fluctuate like the temperature here. Probably cause i wasn't the consistently hardworking type.

I got my first consecutive A ever since i came into IMU.

I can't say how happy i was. This meant a lot to me. Forget the fact that probably this is just another A for those straight A students, forget the fact that maybe more than half the batch got the same thing. I studied more than i could for this semester, i tried not to slack. 2 weeks of solid studying before exams. It paid off. As i took the lift down, i celebrated my results for the first time ever in my life. It was just an A in one paper, but it meant everything to me.

You see, by the end of this semester, our matching would start. We would be needed to list down our choice of Partner Medical Schools (PMS) to do our clinical phase. Seeing that my results from Sem1 to Sem3 were inconsistent at best, this semester's exams are my last hope. If i continued my trend of A,B,B-,A-,B+ in sem3, i would have no hope to get my first 3 choice at all.

Just another one for Renal. I need just one more.


End of Renal means the we're reaching the end of Sem4. What's left is selectives, which we ALL will be doing History of Medicine. Not much of a 'selectives', eh. But it does seem pretty interesting. Learning how medicine changed, how it came to be the knowledge we're learning today.


continued on next post ...

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