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Monday, 12 June 2006

ungrateful me ..

My parents and brother went back to Senai yesterday. They came up on Friday morning and brought me to the bank to open an account. Then while i'm at uni, my mom cleaned my whole apartment and my dad repaired the leaking toilet. On Saturday i went to Low Yat with my dad and bro to buy the power adapter for my router which burned out a few days ago, a stack of DVD-Rs, and a new 200GB hard drive coz the 40GB in this com is almost full. On Sunday, they left for home.

And this is where i don't get myself. I know i should be happy my family came up, even just for a few days. Instead, i have this gloomy feeling over me the whole weekend. Because i couldn't get my 200GB hard drive to work. And because my internet connection still wasn't fixed, even though the router is working now. Which totally spoiled my mood for the weekend. Coz i was hoping that once my parents came, everything will work out perfectly. And everything didn't turn out perfectly the way i hoped.

And it's only the day after they went back that i realised it. I let such small things blind me from seeing what i should've seen. My parents took a day off, travelled more than 300km to fix everything that needed to be fixed in my apartment. Yeah.. all my life, the only thing i hate bout myself is this. Taking things for granted.

But then, don't we all..

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