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Sunday, 25 June 2006

Give me a break. Leave me alone.

Someone said my latest post is so depressing it sounded like a suicide note. And he suggested an idea to make it less depressing. Spot the difference. Lol.

You know.. sometimes you get so tired you just wished you can let everything go and run away to somewhere where nobody knows you and you have nothing to care about ^^

I'm feeling that way now. I don't know if it's the stress getting to me with less than 2 weeks to exams, maybe coz i've YET to study =P. Not that i didn't try.. i just.. can't =)

All i wanna do now is run ^^. Away from studies, away from friends, away from life. To where, it doesn't really matter, does it? Sigh. Yeah, it's getting to me =D. I'm breaking down with all this stress. Or maybe another reason altogether, i really can't say. Maybe there's a reason that's stressing me out, not studies.

I'm just... tired. Mentally, physically, emotionally, everything. I'm tired of everything ;)

Which is why i wanna ask you all a favor. Leave me alone =D. For the days up to our In-Course Assessment on 7th July, don't talk to me. If you see me on MSN, don't chat with me. Don't ask me out on movies, sports, mamak, anything ^^. I need a break. From everything. Thanks =)

Please don't talk to me bout this, i'm tired, that's all. Would be great if you guys just let me be with myself. I'll really appreciate it.

On a lighter note, it was Yeap's birthday yesterday, and a third of our batch was at the party at Chandeller. Nice atmosphere, nice food, nice company, and of course, the uber-nice birthday boy Chii Yeat. Happy 21st birthday!

Edit (29.6.06) - Uh, guys.. don't take this so seriously la lol. I'm not in depression, or suicidal, or on the verge of acquiring a gun and open fire in front of IMU or sth. Haha.. yes, i'm still sane -.-"

Still, thanks for all the concern though.. i'm perfectly all right, don't worry. It's just what i'm feeling really really deep down inside i guess.. and i wouldn't have posted this on my public blog if i knew it's gonna cause such big effect =/

ps - Jackie, uh thanks for the hug lol.

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