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Friday, 16 June 2006

- disconnected -

Finally got back my internet connection yesterday. It's been more than a week.. since last Wednesday to be precise. Being disconnected taught me a few things tho..

1. my blog is dead. No it's not me who's lazy to update.. it's the lack of internet connection =P
2. i spent too much time online. As in hazardously too much time online. No, i'm not addicted. Nuh-uh. Definitely not. No addiction whatsoever =P
3. internet is the main culprit that caused me to sleep late everyday. The past week i've been waking up early.. so early i need to check two clocks twice every morning to make sure i'm not still stuck in my dreams..
4. i can actually survive for a week without internet! Ok, not really.. i've been having withdrawal symptoms since last Wednesday morning >.<
5. internet has become an essential part of life. I can't even sleep knowing i'm disconnected. Oh wait.. i slept even more without internet =/
6. i spent too much time online. Oh i said that.

Haha.. seriously, i think i'm so used to being connected 24/7 now that it felt so strange when i lost my internet connection. It's like being unplugged from the world and become stuck in this small small corner of the world. I can't chat with my faraway friends. I can't read my friends' blogs. I can't update myself on the latest news (ok, i'm juz too lazy to read the newspapers in the library =P). I can't get instant World Cup results (k, too lazy to watch the matches too.. but hey, i got clinic visit and CSU this week.. i have the right to be lazy this week =P). I have to actually WALK to the next room to talk to Keat How. Lol.

But everything's fine now. I have my connection to the outside world back. And i can chat with Keat How without having to walk a step now. I'm getting too lazy, ain't i? =P

Btw our Summatives 2 results were out today.. didn't really get what i thought i'd get easily. Not that i'm very confident i can get it.. now that i think of it, i didn't study hard at all. Sigh. Have been losing focus these days.. 3 more weeks to CVS paper.. need to buck up now. And i still haven't even look at the past 2 weeks' lectures >.<. Somehow, i know i'm soo gonna die 3 weeks later. Better dig my grave early, huh? ^^"

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