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Wednesday, 7 December 2005

To be sick ..

The last time i was sick i thought i nearly died. That was a week before the A2 exams when i was confirmed to have contracted dengue. Thank god i survived, but then i only got one of the milder strain. Don't even wanna think of how getting the other strains feels like..

Fast forward 7 months, and i fell sick again. Started with a really sore throat last Sunday. And coincidentally, it was the day we planned to have a surprise birthday celebrations for five people. Yup, have to surprise all FIVE of them. Paul, Chee Mei, Chia Huan, Lay Chin and Yew Wen, all December babies. Didn't really plan properly, nobody really know the plans until the last minute. But that doesn't matter anyway =P. That makes SEVEN birthdays in bout 2 weeks. The bill for all the presents and cakes and props broke the RM800 mark. Which means each of us had to fork out 55 bucks O.o . And my dad wonders how come my money runs out so fast.. blame those birthday boys and girls! =P

Missed the lectures on Monday coz i couldn't wake up. Didn't get much sleep the night before, had a bad headache. Went into the library at 10.15am, and the first thing i heard is "Hey, you not going for PBL ar?" from May Ee. Fuck. Dah lah i'm not feeling good at all, i missed lectures that morning, i didn't do the research for PBL yet, and i forgot i had PBL that bloody morning. So either i grab the nearest Meriab and cram everything i had to know about menstrual cycle in 15 minutes, or go pick a spot in the library to sleep. I really don't have to tell you my choice, do i? =P (hey sorry ya to my PBLmates.. i'll pass the notes to you all next session la)

It's Wednesday today. Had to pop pills the previous 3 nights to get some peaceful sleep (those mountains of paracetamols i got from dengue proves useful after all haha). Miracle pills, to quote my bro. And really, they work wonders when you have fever or headache. Looks like i need to stockpile more of them.. (considering i gonna get a hell lot of headaches in years to come).

And i wonder.. if you become a doctor, would you prescribe medicine to yourself when you fall sick? I guess so.. which means we can save some moolah by not having to see a doctor anymore! Another advantage of being a doctor.. haha =P

Which reminds me of my AIR topic, which i was supposed to be doing instead of typing this post. "A person can be "ill" without the presence of disease, or have a disease but not self-define as ill." WTF? Sigh..

PS - looks like this plague of sore throat/flu/fever is spreading like wild fire among IMU students across batches =/. Hope everyone recovers soon!

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