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Monday, 28 January 2008

holiday updates (comics!)

4 weeks. It's been almost 4 weeks since the end of EoS.


Mustaqim left the apartment 12 hours ago. By tomorrow (today actually, seeing it's already Tuesday) hopefully my cousin-in-law will be free to pick up my furniture, then i'll have to contact the agent to hand back the apartment.

Hand back my our apartment. Haha funny.. though it was never ours, i still felt reluctant to give back the keys to the apartment. It was my home for so so long after all, it almost felt like my own apartment.


And after that, if all goes according to plan and i do not procrastinate again, i'll go to Times Square by train on Wednesday to start looking for job vacancies. Mus wanted to work too, but lazy bum doesn't want to go out and find :P. Haha ok la, i'll let you know if i found any, k?


Recently 'acquired' a new interest. Probaby due to the intense boredom of rotting at home doing nothing. Loooong holidays really IS boring without anything planned. Maybe i should be like a particular Wei Ling who was going to, i quote her, *takes deep breath* 'do part time job (relief teaching) mainly at the ballet school, helping to tutor this kid from her church, go for a trip to china this april to help needy people, then try to apply for hospital attachment, and meeting up with people on a regular basis and spending time with people.' Haha, THAT, is a holiday well planned.

Mine? I plan to find a temporary job to keep me occupied for a few months. That's it haha.

But i digress.

So what is this new interest actually? It's comics! No, not those Japanese manga. I mean the Marvel comics :)

Had always seen the reviews on newspaper on these comics, but never had the chance to read them. And to think they date back to before i was even born. Haha but it's obvious why i never get to read this comics of course. Financial reasons :(

Which is why i had always been grateful for the miracle that is BitTorrent. And yes boys, it is illegal to upload/download any form of copyrighted media, comics included. If i had the money to spare i would have bought these instead of resorting to download them =/

List of comics i've been reading/planning to read [+/-] :
Marvel Zombies
What If..
Civil War
X-Men Fairy Tales
Spider-man Fairy Tales
Avengers Fairy Tales (yet to be released)
Grimm Fairy Tales
Grimm Fairy Tales: Return to Wonderland
Ultimate X-Men
Ultimate Fantastic Four
Ultimate Iron Man
Ultimate Spider-man
Ultimate Wolverine Vs Hulk (unfinished series)
World War Hulk

That said, 2008 onwards is going to be filled with comics-based movies!

List of upcoming comics-based movies [+/-] :
Iron-Man (2nd May 2008)
The Incredible Hulk (13th June 2008) - Hulk 2 (actually they're starting all over again)
Hellboy 2 : The Golden Army (11th July 2008)
The Dark Knight (18th July 2008)
Dragonball (15th August 2008)
Punisher 2 : War Zone (12th September 2008)
The Flash (2008?)
Constatine 2 (2008?)
XIII (2008?)
Thor (2009)
Magneto (2009)
X-Men Origins : Wolverine (2009)
Spider-Man 4 (2009)
Transformers 2 (2009)
Silver Surfer (2009)
Luke Cage (2009)
Sin City 2 (2009)
Wonder Woman (2009)
Captain America (2009)
Superman: Man of Steel (2009)
G.I. Joe (2009) - oh man oh man i watched this cartoon when i was small!
Nick Fury (2010)
The Surrogates (2010)

Just look at that. Guess comics is the 'in' thing right now haha.

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