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Wednesday, 30 May 2007

the myths of sleepwalking

I'm bored and have been wiki-surfing. Pretty interesting stuff i found out bout sleepwalking.

1. Contrary to popular belief, most cases of sleepwalking do not consist of walking around (without the conscious knowledge of the subject).

2. Sleepwalkers engage in their activities with their eyes open so they can navigate their surroundings, not with their eyes closed and their arms outstretched as parodied in cartoons and films. The victims' eyes may have a glazed or empty appearance and if questioned, the subject will be slow to answer and will be unable to respond in an intelligible manner.

3. Activities such as eating, bathing, masturbating, dressing, or even driving cars, whistling, having sex and committing murder have also been recorded as taking place while the subjects are technically asleep.

4. Sleepwalking is a legal defense in court, even for murder.

5. Sleepwalkers are highly suggestible. Anything they hear or see may trigger another behavior. Often something said by a person or even on a television will cause the sleepwalker to engage in the activity mentioned.

6. They may also exhibit behaviors which would be very embarrassing such as urinating in inappropriate places, trying to eat invisible foods, cleaning invisible counters, or even trying to bathe or engage in sex.

7. Often the best way to deal with a sleepwalker safely is to direct them back to their bed before they injure themselves. However, the person will often keep getting up until they have accomplished the task that has caused them to sleepwalk in the first place.

Never seen or heard of anyone sleepwalking though. But to sleepwalk must be pretty scary.. waking up in places you never knew you were at >.<

On other news, Gary just migrated to Blogger! =D


shinyin said...

Hey good luck for the run man. You can do it. Sounds like a pretty cool regimen. You could add rope skipping when it rains. haha. Oh, and the quote is from Forrest Gump?

senaiboy said...

lol. hey thx dude =). it'll be pretty cool IF i stick to it at all. haha. hmm good idea. gotta look for some skipping ropes den hehe. but then it'll disturb the ppl downstairs when the rope hit the floor =S whoa. u remember it? lol. yeah it's from forrest gump. but i looked it up =P