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Monday, 21 May 2007

"Now you wouldn't believe me if I told you, but I could run like the wind blows."

I almost signed up for the 15km marathon yesterday that Ivy asked me to go. 15km. I couldn't even run 1km without appearing half-dead at my current fitness level. Haha. Damn.

Have always known myself as a sprinter, not a long distance runner. During my school years, i could finish the 100m dash in the top half but when it comes to just 400m, i would be crawling before i reach the finish line. Heh. Stamina is something i'm severely lacking when it comes to sports. Put me 5 minutes on the basketball court and i'll be having respiratory distress. Lol =P

Not the first time i told myself, "I should run at least once a week." But being the Captain Procrastinator as my alter ego, once a week becomes once a month, which becomes once a year. I'd be surprised if i even manage to drag myself out of bed to go jogging. Seriously, why do people get out of their bed so early in the morning to run? It's not like they're running away from the dead-but-not-so-dead having living-flesh fetish like in '28 Weeks Later' (not very fun), or running coz they're 5 minutes away from exams and they just woke up (running away from zombies is more fun, i tell you).

But i digress. Man, this phrase sounds so overused. The English language should have more synonyms to 'digress' for us to use. No, my vocab is awe-inspiring, don't you dare question it.

But i digress again. Anyway, so i came up with this all-or-nothing exercise regime to prepare for the next marathon with the Infinity Milers (somewhere in June), starting today. In fact, i just came back from my first training session. So amazed with myself. Haha. Just for recording purposes (for future comparison), here's my one hour regiment.

-05.0min. Warm-up (running down 10 floors. ok, i'm too lazy so this count as my warm-up)
00.0min. Begin run.
05.0min. Pant. Wheeze. Pant. Completed 2 rounds. Rest.
10.0min. Resume run.
15.0min. Pant. Wheeze. Pant. Completed 2 more rounds. Rest.
20.0min. Resume run.
25.0min. Wheeze. Dyspnoeic. Completed 2 more rounds. Rest.
35.0min. Begin cool-down run.
42.5min. Leg numbness. Excess lactic acid accumulation. Completed 2 more rounds. Rest.
52.5min. Resume cool-down run.
60.0min. Completed 2 more rounds. I survived! =D

One hour, 10 rounds. Not that bad la. Considering this is the first time i run in a year. Haha. Gonna run twice a week. Plan to increase at least one round each week. By end of next month i'll be able to complete a full marathon! (in my dreams, at the very least =P)

ps - guess which movie is the title quoted from? hehe

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