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Sunday, 11 February 2007

to pamper or not to pamper?

Went hypermarket-hopping with my family yesterday for the New Year shopping needs. Took more than 3 hours in total to buy the stuff we need. Mommy did most of the shopping though, me, my brother and Daddy were someplace else most of the time. Somewhere with fancy gadgets and electronical stuff. Boys will always be boys =P. (bet my Mom was cursing her luck for having 3 sons and no daughters.. we're no help at all when it comes to groceries shopping haha)

Anyway my younger brother wanted to buy an MP3 player. Dad was already browsing the MP3 players on display.

Sometimes i think my Dad do pamper my younger brother a little too much (ok, i'm getting a liiiittle jealous). Haha no, really. His birthday last year Dad bought him a new camera phone O.o. Though it's not a high-end model and it was a surprise present for my brother, still, he never ask me before he bought it! For advice of course, not whether i want one myself. I still have my eyes on the W850i, and i won't settle for anything less =P.

Then couple of months ago Dad bought a digital radio for 300 bucks. Complete with MP3 playback and digital FM tuning, just like what he had always wanted. I was planning to buy one for one of his birthdays actually.. seems like there's a sudden need to find another present for my lil brother now =S.

And now, Dad bought a Sony NW-E002F with another 300 bucks because lil bro wanted an MP3 player. I was telling my bro to buy a SE Walkman phone instead, since the W710i is only 900 bucks now (he prefer a clamshell phone). Guess i wasn't persuasive enough =/.

Organic Electroluminescent Display. cool, no?

Not that i'm jealous (really!). I just thought since he wanted an MP3 player AND a new phone, it might be more 'economical' to get both at once.

Ah well. As long as my lil bro is happy =)

On another note.. i think i should be saving up money from now to buy that W850i i want. Price is dropping fast and i really want to get that phone before i leave this country next year (or not). Which means no more indulgence for me. Sob sob ='(

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