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Tuesday, 6 February 2007

times like this i wish i never have to grow up

Sunday, 5th Feb

Took out the dusty old bicycle from my room to cycle. Been so long since i last rode a bike.. remember me and my brother used to cycle into the plantation along with our dad on his motorcycle hehe. Those days when we were still small.. seem so far gone now..

It's an old bike now, tho it was a rather good mountain bike. Everything still works fine it seems.. only the tyres are out of air. Daddy ordered it years ago. Could only remember when the delivery man came, me and my older brother were at home looking at the Singer van stopping outside. Everything other than that is a blur to me now =S.

Some time after Dad bought the Singer bike, we got another old bike from my cousin (i think). Dad refurbished it and spray-painted it red. Though not a mountain bike, we're happy enough =). More like i was happy enough.. since it became the bike i rode on most of the time when i was small. Hehe. My older brother on the mountain bike, me on the red bike, my younger brother with my dad on the motorcycle.. exploring the vast plantation behind our house. Don't know when we stopped doing that already.. probably coz we got too caught up with other stuff like exams and the like. Sigh.

But i digress.

For a moment i thought i had forgotten how to cycle. Wobbling on the bike-that-is-probably-too-small-for-me-now, took me a couple of seconds to realise i still can cycle =P. Went a couple of rounds in front of my house before venturing deeper into the plantation.

Cycling along the path of which i've just an inkling of memory of, i realised even after so long, home will still be home. Though they 'upgraded' the bridge and it's much more sturdier now, with metal guard rails on its sides. The houses on lower grounds behind our place haven't changed, just that the recent flood submerged their homes in mud recently but they had cleaned that up.

I took a turn, cycling on paths that wind deep deep into the plantation. It was a Sunday, and no one else can be seen or heard inside. Just me on my bike, bumping all the way among the oil palms. And for a moment i felt the serenity of being away from everything. Away in a place where nobody can disturb me, and silence is the only sound i heard.

I miss the days when i did not have to worry bout my future plans. I miss the days when i don't have to tell myself to study all the time. I miss the days when my brothers and i do things together. I miss being a small child, doing childish things.

Cycled for almost half an hour before i run out of breath. Can't even cycle all the way uphill now. Seems like i need to exercise more =/. Stopped the bike in the middle of nowhere and sat down on the ground. Stillness all around. So peaceful. I had always preferred to be here than in the city. Perhaps that's because i'd grew up here all my life after all.

Then i realised something else.

My balls are bruised. O.o

Lol. That's enough to make me stop cycling for the day =P.

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