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Sunday, 10 January 2010

seriously cereus

Oh I finally found the secret to losing weight now..

It's called 'Bacillus cereus'.

Just cook your rice and leave it outside in the kitchen for 2 days, then cook it for dinner afterwards. Perfect incubation habitat for multiplying, toxins-releasing bacillus.

No need for any laxatives or appetite suppressant pills.

Bacillus cereus works wonder for your guts. And appetite.

Who says losing weight was hard? :P

(okay I was a little dumb to have thought this freaking cold weather could refrigerate my rice out of the fridge)


Anyway wanted to post a 'proper', 'obligatory' New Year post but somehow just couldn't find the time at the moment (in between sitting on the toilet bowl or sleeping in bed all weekend). Starting my second week in the Breast Ward tomorrow, which is very unexciting to say the least.

Another 2 case discussions, 2 mini-CEX, 1 observed practical procedure, 1 Cleanliness Champions module (oh save my soul), and a Ward Simulation Exercise this month. I had been all geared up for the new year, but right now I just can't be bothered.

I need some motivation.

NOT Bacillus cereus.

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