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Saturday, 2 January 2010

2010 - turning point in life?

At times, life seems to pass by at a frighteningly fast speed.

On our way back from London city to Luton airport by bus now. Within hours, the five of us - ben, Jackie, mus, cheemei, me - will find ourselves shivering together in the cold of Edinburgh again.

The past 2 days in London must have been the best time I've had in a very long time, felt like forever. Meeting our 3 friends from different parts of the world after so long, it's like nothing has changed. The joking around, the poking fun at each other. Have we really spent any time apart? (:

Last night we talked bout the future. How UK did not felt like home, probably never will. For me, this is as close to home I could feel. With my friends. They are the only place I ever felt I belong. The lot of us in UK were lucky, a big part of the 'family' came here. I was lucky.

However not many of us would still be here in a few years I guess. Even in Dundee only 3 of us chose to stay in Dundee for our foundation years. I admit I'm afraid of graduating, to be in charge of real patients with my seemingly limited knowledge. Yet, for me a future without these friends is even more scary. Now when I look to the future, when we all have graduated and started working, when those who wants to go back has gone back, I'm not sure what there will be to look forward to. These occassional 'family' outings are my only source of strength to maintain my sanity.

Cherish every moment I guess. Ah, we're all growing up, growing old too fast. 6 months to graduation, hopefully.

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Oh, Happy New Year 2010 everyone (:

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