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Sunday, 22 June 2008

home is where the rabbits breed

Have been too lazy to blog these days. I blame the looong break! It's making me lazier than i thought i could possibly be =/.

So. While the JPA dudes and dudettes went for camp in Langkawi last week, me came back to Senai after almost 4 months of working in KL. Considering i only have few weeks left to strike off, i should be spending some time with my family i know.

Been back for 5 days now, actually. I'll say i got most of the things done already. Settled the accommodation, bought a new pair of running formal shoes for hospital rounds, that should be all that's needed to be done. Except the perishables and foodstuff to smuggle onboard, of course. Then it'll just be waiting days pass by.

Damn, 5 months are gone just like that.

There goes my plan to learn to read/write/speak Chinese.
There goes my plan to be damn good in basketball before i leave.
There goes my plan to fatten myself up to prevent hypothermia in Dundee.

And there goes my plan to relax and enjoy myself for the first time in my life.

Damn. I want my holidays back!!


Enough with my rant. Haha. On the news back home in ol' sweet home. I think i found the cure for infertility. And it lies in white fluffy animals. Couple of weeks ago, Mum put one white fluffy male and one white fluffy female together for just a second, and the next thing she knew, poof came out more white fluffy animals!

Baby rabbits are just so cute. Mum and Dad might be giving away the older ones and raise the babies instead. This home is getting a little too overcrowded. At last count i think there were a dozen chickens in the backyard. At least. Haha.

Come to think of it, i'm more at ease back home with the animals and greens everywhere than in the middle of a bustling city squeezing with dozens other strangers in the trains or on the road. Such peace and quiet to be found here. At nights i can hear crickets chirping instead of the sound of cars driving past.

I do wish for a quiet, stress-free life like this sometime in the future (pretty soon now) with a caffeine addict somewhere :P


Oh yeah just yesterday, three cousins came over, just one short of all from my dad's second sister's children. Sometimes i wonder why me and my cousins were never really close, sort of like 'blood-related and that's all'. 二姑姑 (second paternal aunt) was telling Grandma that my cousin bought a house somewhere near their home. Haha he's just 3 years older than me? Everyone's grown up now.

As i was telling 'Optimum Blunder', we are all old now..

Such a random blog post. Haha ah well. Here's a baby rabbit waving goodbye at ya. Okay, not exactly waving - it looks like it's playing possum in my hand. I don't look that carnivorous, do i? =/

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