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Saturday, 3 November 2007

you've got matched!

Finally, all we've studied so hard for the last 2 years has come.

The matching results were out last Thursday. Some were obviously happy with their matching, with shouts of joy. Some were okay with it, and just smiled silently. Some were quiet, and left without more than a word.

It kinds of taken me by surprise when i got the SMS from Rasyidah bout our matching results coming out that day. I wasn't ready for it, i didn't expect it. I didn't even know what to expect out of it, seriously.

My first choice was University of Adelaide, the only reason because it's the cheapest. Dad had really wanted me to try to get there after i couldn't transfer to Seremban or get into BMed Sc. Second was University of Dalhousie, which conversely, is where Shin Yin's going to, and where i had hoped (and thought) i would get. Third came University of Dundee, being the second cheapest in terms of total cost.

Everyone who heard of my choices will look surprised that i chose 3 different continents for my first 3 choices. Haha, the reason is i don't mind going to any country or uni actually, as long as my family could afford it and i could study there =).

I went, i queued, i received an envelope. Had wanted to open it slowly at home, but heck with it, i opened after i got it. And written on that piece of paper inside is where i'll spend the next 2 years of my life.

University of Dundee

Elated? Nope. Disappointed? Not that much. Just that i had thought i was going to get Dalhousie, planned to graduate there and take USMLE to try to get into US, hopefully. Now that i realise i'm heading towards a different continent altogether, the future i envisioned kind of get blurred. Where would i go after graduating from Dundee? Could i stay there and work or do i have to come back to Malaysia?

I guess i would worry bout that and re-plan my steps later. At least i got Dundee, which Dad was okay with since the fee's rather cheap. I'm only afraid of the living cost there with £1 = RM7. Damn, what am i gonna eat there? >.<

A little less bout me, most of the others are okay with their matching, though a select few somehow got lower than their 5th choice. Do hope if they want to appeal they would get a uni they'll prefer. But all in all, i'll say what others had said, it does not really matter which uni we get, as long as we work hard we'll still graduate as doctors =).


Matching aside, yesterday we went to Italiannes, The Gardens for surprise birthday dinner of a great guy, with whom i've braved thru the hells of orientation with. 'Sharon Stone' aka Benjamin Ng Wei Liang. Lol. Yesh, i think only you saw my 'Marilyn Monroe' act lol. Stressfully funny times.. here's to you Ben, may your journey to Edinburgh and beyond be a smooth one =). Happy 22nd birthday Ben!


ps - just to keep a note here of who's going where [+/- click here].

PMS 'family' members
Timothy - Adelaide, Australia
Chia Huan - Melbourne, Australia
Jeremy Nunis - Tasmania, Australia
Chui Han - Western Australia, Australia
Tze Chow - Otago, New Zealand
Mustaqim - Calgary, Canada
Jackie Liew - Aberdeen, UK
Benjamin Ng - Edinburgh, UK
Chee Mei - Edinburgh, UK
Ivy Ang - Edinburgh, UK
Prasad - Edinburgh, UK
Yew Wen - Glasgow, UK
Huilin - Liverpool, UK
Kee Fong - Manchester, UK
Jane June - Manchester, UK

Seremban 'family' members
Paul Kong
Wei Loong
Winnie Chong
Yih Seong

Fellow Dundee-ians
Hui Suan
Hwee Hong
Wai Kean

pps - i tried to put up a list for all our PMS-bound batchmates on our batch blog. Do help fill it up =)


Today is also the 15th month anniversary of something really important to me =)

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