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Tuesday, 13 November 2007

now, where's the panic button?

The REAL muggin' starts now.

CVS, Respi, Haemato, GI, Endo, Repro, Renal, MSK, CNS. 9 systems.

Over 300 lecture notes, from over 300 lectures spread out over 18 months.

7 weeks and counting down.

Now would be a good time to panic =)


Frankly speaking, it is nothing less than daunting to me. If i were to stack up all the notes that i am supposed to have gone thru (and have the knowledge within in my head) by the end of this year, it could reach above my knees. Yeah.

And thru some really great planning by the higher powers, we would spent the rest of this year with our eyes glued to our lecture notes. Our final exams, EoS5 will be held from 31st December 2007 to 4th January 2008. I could already see the Christmas and New Year spirit gasping their last breath. Gotta love the schedule.

Good thing is, i've worked out my plan over the next 7 weeks.

Bad thing is, that's not gonna make mugging any easier.

Now if you will, excuse me while i lock myself up in my room and bang my head on the wall repeatedly pondering on the futility and helplessness of this whole situation.

Uh, i mean in my room studying. Sobs. Good bye, outside world!

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