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Saturday, 8 September 2012

9649: bucket list

It would have been your 30th birthday earlier this week. Rest in peace.


I had wondered what would I be thinking if that had been me. If I had been struck by a sudden illness and told I only have weeks to live. Contemplating my own mortality, and how we won't be here in this world for ever is pretty morbid for some. For me, it made me look at my life, or what's left of it.

26 years of existence, and there is still too much I want to do here, too much I want to experience, too much I want to feel. The thing is, if I don't go out and do them, all I would do is just sit at home wishing I had ticked more entries on my bucket list.

That was actually what I was thinking about during my 1-hour 10km run last Sunday at the Great Scottish Run in Glasgow. Missed my target by 2 minutes 22 seconds! Rainbow puking unicorns. Also I figured there wouldn't be a better time than any to start doing things I actually wanted to do.

And thus was born a new tag for my blog posts, aptly named "bucket list". I'll add to it and cross it off as I waste more of my limited time here.

Will start with a short list first as it is a very lovely Saturday morning (you don't know how rare that is in Scotland) and I'm too lazy. First on the list, I'm aiming to combine 2 loves and 1 phobia - a triathlon before my 30th birthday! And other smaller achievements leading up to that:

    Official senaiboy's bucket list

Pedal for Scotland 47-mile cycle 2013
Sleep at least 12 hours a day
Conquer my attention span of a gnat

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