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Tuesday, 6 July 2010

8854: a dream

I turned on the tap at the foot of the bathtub, filling it with water ever so slowly.

Looking down at the water pooling around my feet, I waited. Warm, but not hot enough, I thought. This will do.

As the water reached the brim and overflowed, I slid myself down and lie in the tub. Without warning, the water coming out of the tap turned colder all of a sudden. I wasn't really bothered.

A few seconds passed, minutes? and somehow I brought up enough courage to do it. I lowered my head beneath the surface.

Opened my eyes. I could see the underside of the water surface. Glimmery, shimmery, surface that showed a distorted view of the outside world.

And then I took in a big breath.


Dunozilla said...

testing testing, haha
sure can comment mah? :P
huh? you change your "read more" link is it? LoL

senaiboy said...

<span><span><span><span>Haha no it's just a show/hide javascript, not a 'read more'.</span></span></span></span>