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Tuesday, 4 May 2010

8791: confession

Most people don't know this about me, in fact, most people never noticed at all. I guess I'm good at hiding it, I've tried to keep it a secret for as long as I can remember anyway.

But I have a confession to make.

I'd always thought I was different from others. You know, there's so many things about me that is not 'normal'. This was probably one of the biggest things I noticed about myself. Some close friends found out about it, and they never made me feel any different because of it. I'm really grateful to have these friends around, but it doesn't make me any less shy about it. I don't like people finding out and look at me differently.

So why am I making a confession now?

No particular reason at all. It's not that I'm not ashamed of it anymore, I still don't like people finding out, I didn't want to be 'different'. Then again, it's not something I can hide forever, nor will it go away just because I deny its existence. At the very least, it's comforting to finally find out that there are others like me and I'm not the only one 'different'. Perhaps I should accept myself for being like this, I am born this way after all.

So here it is. I'm telling you my big secret. Biggest one I've told about myself my whole life. Wait, this is not the only secret I've told actually. Haha. And it's not really a secret. But I digress.


So what is this big confession?

*big breath*

I have 'murderer's thumbs'. What's that? You know, my short thumbs.
For the medically inclined, it's called Brachydactyly type D


What? This is such an anti-climax? What'd you expect? :P

But seriously, it's kind of funny to find out that thing 'different' about yourself has a name to it. No, has nameS to it. They were also called 'clubbed thumbs', 'stub thumbs', 'midget's thumbs', 'Potter's thumbs', 'toe thumbs', and 'royal thumbs'. Apparently it's called 'royal thumbs' because they came from inbreeding within the royal family and passed down the generations. Wouldn't you know it, hey I have royal blood in me. Now where's my castle ..

Oh, btw it's called 'murderer's thumbs' by the people who's into palm reading. Not that I believe in these kinds of things, but here's an interesting excerpt which does sound a little true..

    Those with this type of thumb usually display a strong will and a well developed control over emotions. As a result, when continually frustrated or bullied, they build resentment for months or years before exploding. When out of temper those with clubbed thumbs can clear a room in seconds, as others scurry for safety.

    In almost every case of clubbed thumbs I have seen the person has not lost his or her temper more than five or six times in 30 years. In most cases this person knows on a deep level what he or she is capable of doing when out of temper, and is sensible enough to leave the circumstances which triggered the outburst of temper before doing something which will cause regret.

    If a crime such as murder is committed, it is likely to be an unplanned affair after the person has 'snapped,' temporarily losing control over his or her emotions.

So there you have it.

I have the murderer's thumbs!

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