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Sunday, 6 December 2009

three chinese santas, running down the street

Sometimes, all you need is to run your heart out.

Run, run like the wind blows.

Honks of passing cars.

Smiles of random strangers.

Waves of little children.

Nothing works better for a little pick-me-up, eh?


Am feeling much better now. Although am really really unfit at the moment. Haha age is creeping up on me, time to hit the gym perhaps?

Thanks so-p and Merv for being so sporting to join me on the Santa Run :D

(and waking me up because I overslept. again.)

Let's do it again next year! (we need to fatten up to look like a proper santa next year :P)


Aight. Back to my 3 Case Discussions, 2 GP Case-based Discussions, and 1 GP audit.

Somebody save me.

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